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All about monthly subscription box reviews.
NatureBox - Delicious Snacks Delivered to You

Monthly Subscription Boxes

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Literacy Box


Receive three books a quarter, including a brand new release annotated by the author with hand-written notes, two more curated titles and delightful bookish goods—all delivered to your doorstep.


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Anime Bento


Each month we will send you a Bento packed with awesome anime goods from your favorite titles and the newest shows in Japan.

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Each IndieBox contains a beautifully boxed and designed Collector's Edition version of an epic indie game. The box includes a Steam Key, DRM-free Standard Edition, soundtrack, and exclusive collectible items.

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Fantasy Crate


Subscription service that seeks to provide value mainly through content by delivering a monthly crate full of all of your gaming essentials along with novelty and collectible items. The best monthly Magic Crate.

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Mythoard is focused on bringing it's members the best in small press, DIY and indie level Tabletop RPGs. Unlike many other Subscription Crates, Mythoard is SOLELY devoted to TTRPGs. Only gaming products here, always. Our typical member is someone who loves less mainstream products, but may not have the time to explore and discover all of the amazing publishers that exist within the industry.

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Parcel of Terror


Prepare yourself to receive a “Parcel of Terror” every month containing an assortment of handmade items that represent the horror genre in all its forms. From Lovecraft to Slasher Flicks you can expect a wide diversity of ghoulish goodies in each box!

We separate ourselves from other monthly subscription boxes by offering a truly exclusive experience. Everything is handmade specifically for the “Parcel of Terror” so you won’t be able to get this stuff anywhere else!

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Infinity Crate


Infinity Crates is a monthly box full of collectibles, wearables and merchandise from everyone's favourite movies, TV shows, comics, books and games. We even tailor some of the items in the boxes to your interests!

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ComicConBox is a premium monthly box that brings everything Comic Con to the doorsteps of it fans. In every box, you might receive premium things such as: Toys & Tech, Comics, Licensed Artwork, Gaming, Apparel, Comic Con Tickets & Discounts, and so much more!!

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i\It's a global retro pack, in that we also include foreign candy and snacks from around the world. Each box includes 1 DVD (with 2-3 movies/shows from the 50's to 80's on it), 4 comic books (from the 60's to early 2000's but most are from the 80's), 5 trading cards of various genres (from the 50's to 90's), 3 coins from other countries, and 12 snacks (a mix of retro, regional, & foreign candy/snacks).

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Comic Bento


Comic Bento is your original comic book subscription box! Comic Bento comes with at least $50 worth of surprise graphic novels in every box, mailed right to your door!

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