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All about monthly subscription box reviews.

Monthly Subscription Boxes

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Candy Club


Candy Club is a candy subscription box that sends up to 3 pounds of candy .If you love candy, Candy Club delivers a huge amount of candy each month. When you sign up, you will fill out a little questionnaire to help you choose your box. You can pick from Favorites, Classic or Sours and more.

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Beneathe Underwear Club


Breathe Underwear Club is a subscription for women. When you sign up for Beneathe, you select from the following styles: cheeky, thong and mixed. One pair a month is $9.99/month and two pairs are $12.99/month. Breathe is founded and owned by four college students, two of which are veterans. Shipping is always free!

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Oxford Momma Box


Oxford Momma is a self-care book subscription box just for moms. Boxes are $39.99/month and come with a self-care book and 5-7 self-care items. There is a smaller subscription, the mini-mailer, which is $19.99 and comes with a self-care book, along with inspirational and bookish items for moms.

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The Mouse Merch Box


The Mouse Merch Box is a subscription box filled with Disney merchandise. Boxes are $59.90/Every 90 Days, or $70.00 for a one time box. Each box will contain officially licensed Disney products.

Healthy Living Kids Box


Healthy Living Kids is a subscription box for kids 3-13. Boxes are $35.95/month and come with snacks, activities, and toys. Each box has a value of over $100 and your child will get more than ten items in each box. Each box is themed around a different healthy living topic like Oral Hygiene, Breakfast, Sleep, Hand Washing, and Gratitude. Healthy Living Kids has a team of professionals that help curate the boxes, like a registered dietician, a pediatric occupational therapist, teachers, coaches, and mental health professionals.

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All He Loves Box

$45.00/Monthly, Quarterly

All He Loves is a subscription box for men. Monthly boxes are $45.00/month and come with full size interesting & fun premium lifestyle products, with a total value of $65 or more. The seasonal box is $45.00/quarter for premium lifestyle products that always includes a gourmet food item and a $65 value. You can also purchase a 3-month subscription for $125.

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Suzanne Somers is famous for her acting work on Three's Company and Step By Step, but she has also focused her life on healthy living. Suzanne Somers has a wide range of health and beauty products, and she has started a subscription box to offer those products on a monthly basis. The Suzanne Selects Monthly Subscription Box is $39.99/month and comes with $125.00 worth of SUZANNE™ products.

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Annie's Hook & Needle Kit Club lets you get to the fun parts faster because ALL THE YARN AND TWO SETS OF INSTRUCTIONS (one in crochet and one in knit) are delivered right to your mailbox every month. You get to choose whether to crochet or knit each project!

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Dispatch Breakout Games


Dispatch is a monthly subscription-based mystery that tests your detective skills each month with a new delivery of clues.



toucanBox is an award-winning subscription service that sends a monthly box of creative, science and craft activities to children aged 3 to 8 years old.

Each box is themed and contains everything needed to keep children engaged for hours in an educational and creative way. Boxes include all the materials to complete the projects, colourful step-by-step instruction manuals and a book.