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All about monthly subscription box reviews.


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SCOUTbox is a subscription box for scouts by scouts. Boxes are $40/month and come with at least one of the following items: educational item (guide, booklet, info cards, mobile app access, etc.), gear/accessory, snack and a wow item.  SCOUTbox promises you will get more value in the box than what you pay. Right now, they also have Summer Camp Box.

Crate Club


The Crate Club is the ultimate monthly subscription that gets you a box of quality survival, tactical and outdoor gear every month. What separates us from all other subscriptions in this realm is that our staff is made up entirely of US Special Operations veterans. That means that the items you get have been vetted by the utmost experts!

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The Homestead Box


Great tools and skills that will last for generations, We source our products from craftsmen and experts with unique skills. Practical, usable and quality products that will help you be self-sufficient. They are all the resources to get out and enjoy life.
FREE SHIPPING with 6 months prepay
Hand selected items by local community of gardeners, farmers, ranchers, and all around homesteaders
Choose your size box: Pioneer, Classic or Vintage. A box for every budget.
Hand selected items with heirloom quality!

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Your monthly subscription for hand-picked tactical, survival, EDC, and other cool gear.  This is not your girlfriend’s box! Our products are not samples! We ship usable products that have been chosen for you to carry, use and/or add to your emergency stash. See our man-cave for more exclusive looks + tips & tricks from other guys who’ve been around the block.

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Barrell & Blade


Barrel & Blade is a subscription box filled with tactical, survival, and EDC gear. There are two different boxes: Level 1 and Level 2. Level 1 boxes are $49.99/month and come with three or more high quality, hand-picked tactical accessories and EDC gear. Level 2 boxes are $99.99/month and come with four or more items high quality, hand-picked tactical accessories and EDC gear.

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Each month we send a curated assortment of tactical gear, Survival goods, and EDC gear.  We work very hard to select items that will be useful for everyone. We hardly ever send “swag”. Our boxes contain useful & professional-grade gear. A TacPack usually contains an MSRP of $80.00-$100.00+ worth of gear.

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Love grilling, smoking, and bbq? Of course you do, that’s why you are here. The world is full of people who are masters of the grill. People who can turn a slab of meat into a gift of tender juicy goodness. That means you also love trying new things that will make you a better pitmaster. That’s were the Grill Masters Club comes in. Every month we send you a box of sauces, rubs, marinades, wood chips, new recipes, and grilling accessories to your door. We are a small team hailing from Jacksonville, Florida and together we source, design, advertise, process, box, ship, facebook, blog, and share the all thing grilling. Come join the club and share you grilling glory with us all.

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Tee Box Club


Tee Box Club delivers golf essentials to your door when you need them. Get premium used golf balls and quality tees delivered to your door: monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly. Take the hassle out of your game and join the Club.

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Monthly Automotive


Includes 5 to 7 items, Interior / Exterior, Tools, Wearable Items, Novelty Items, Automotive Gear, Stickers + Extras, Each month different theme. When you check out, we ask about t-shirt size and if you prefer Muscle Car, JDM or European car goodies.

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