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Nail Polish

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How to Be a Redhead


The How to be a Redhead team works meticulously to find products that meet the ‘Redhead Friendly’ seal of approval and is proud to deliver them to the doorstep of every redhead each month. The products range from samples to full sizes.

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butter LONDON


We are butter LONDON the bon vivants of beauty…cultured, confident, expertly curated, divinely distinctive, and authentically inclusive.

It's the perfect storm of posh and playful, chic and cheeky, refined and slightly rowdy (in the way our colour squeals “look at me”). butter LONDON boldly eschews conventional beauty… we believe playful is beautiful and we encourage you to live a little.

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Graffiti Nailz


Graffiti Nailz is everything a nail junkie could want and/or need. You get two subscriptions to choose from. The Graffiti Nailz Art Box contains six nail art items ranging from water decals to rhinestones. And it is beginner friendly. The Graffiti Nailz Mobile Salon is a nail DIY'ers dream. Everything you need to do your mani/pedis at home!

Little Pretties


Do you know a “Little Pretty” girl who is obsessed over your Birch Box every month? Well now she can have her own. Little Pretties Beauty Box is filled with fun Beauty and Stationary gifts each month. Appropriate for their age.  Boxes for 5-8 or 9-13 year olds.  Over 5 gifts per box.   Your first box includes a very special gift and a DIY project.

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Stylist Box by Esentials


Every month we search makeup storefronts for high end cosmetics from Urban Decay, ULTA to your favorite drugstore brands like Elf and Max Factor. Choose the plan that best fits your cosmetic style, and you will receive brand new stylist box every single month. Each box comes with 3-4 items, and your first box will also come with a bonus gift!

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BEAT! Beauty Box


Receive this must have beauty box right to your doorstep on a Monthly basis. Choice of two boxes. Boxes with a mix of artisan and drugstore products are $14.99. Boxes with a mix of drugstore and higher end products are $19.99/Month. Both boxes contain 6 items and majority are full size.

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Cordoza Nail Supply


If you LOVE nail art then you'll LOVE a Nail Box! 3 boxes to fuel your nail art. Glitter Box.. 6 amazing custom mixes; Nail Bling Box, any nail connoisseurs dream box, all things nail art could come in this box and it's a surprise every month; Acrylic Box is a nail tech's dream box, 4 hand selected acrylic powders and 1 premium powder!

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Little-Known Box


Every month you will receive a box of carefully selected ‘little-known' beauty products. We are passionate about featuring products from independent, upcoming and emerging brands. We select products with ethics and wellness in mind. UK Shipping Only.

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There is a whole new world to be discovered in subscriptions! Here at Espionage Cosmetics, us Nerd Misfits are curating packages that fuse the joys of fandom, fashion, and fun. You can choose your own adventure with our geeky, boutique-style BOOM!Box and/or treat yo self to our NEXUS subscription that includes TWO new nail wrap designs every month.

Subscribe Coupon: Save $3 off first BOOM!Box or NEXUS with "WELCOMEBBNX" | Ships To: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Worldwide