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All about monthly subscription box reviews.


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MonthlyBatteries sends name brand batteries each month to your door for as low as $2.00/month. You can get a wide range of battery sizes, including hearing aid batteries.

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Dollar Condom


Dollar Condom is a subscription box that sends Premium Trojan Branded condoms starting at $1.00/month.

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Natural Groom Box


When you sign up every month you'll receive a box of carefully selected natural grooming products for men. You'll receive an array of natural products such as lotions, soaps, shaving essentials, and other lifestyle products to keep you looking and smelling your best. Join the natural grooming revolution and #GONATURALBRO

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Create a basket of healthy, effective beautiful products for your home.  A flexible personal delivery schedule to help you stay organized.  Brilliant, natural products. Below-retail pricing. 100% happiness guaranteed.

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The Bro Basket


We took the guess work out of it. We thought of all the things guys like, crammed them into some pretty sweet gift baskets and put them up here for their enjoyment. You’re probably saying “Are these gifts just for guys?!” Well no, they are great gifts for guys but they also make great gifts for women(hey ladies love booze too!) And you may also be asking yourself, “What do these guys know about gifts?” Well first off we aren’t just “some guys” we are The BroBasket, and creating awesome gifts for men is what we do. Also we asked ourselves “Would we like to receive some of these cool gift baskets?” and every time it was a resounding “Hells Yeah!”. We know guys will love these gift ideas, your search is over, you’re welcome!

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Keep it Simple Socks


Keep It Simple Socks is a sock subscription service for men. Each month, Keep It Simple Socks sends high quality, fashionable socks.  Subscriptions start at $10.00/month and you can choose between 1, 2, and 3 pairs a month.  If you subscribe to a 3 pair subscription, you will get a free pair of sunglasses in your 1st box.



You can choose between the original sockscription with several deliveries of 3 pairs of socks or the extreme sockscription of 12 pairs of socks per year. That means that all your socks will wear at the same rate. Subscription beats studying.

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Frank and Oak


Frank + Oak is a style subscription box for men and women.  Subscription are $79 USD/$89 CAD or every two months.  When you sign up, you fill out a profile and you will be given new recommendations each month. You can select up to four items each month, depending on the items.

Each month, you will be given five tokens to spend on items.  From Frank + Oak, generally, a crewneck t-shirt is valued at 1 token, 2 tokens for a button-up, and a pair of pants is 3 tokens. For example, with your 5 tokens this month, you could get a button-up and 3 t-shirts. The token value of every item will be indicated on the Style Plan recommendations page.

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No more browsing stores to find shirts that feel uncomfortable on your skin. Getting a tailor-made shirt couldn't get any easier. Get the best quality one-of-a-kind custom tailored shirts each month delivered to your doorstep!

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