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All about monthly subscription box reviews.
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Doteable is your partner-in-crime as you transition to life in college and beyond. Our essentials care packages for college students include over $70 worth of necessities. Choose from a dorm duffel or a dorm duffel mini (boy/girl)

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Cooler Can Monthly


Koozies from North America's shadiest bars, quirky Mom & Pop shops and your pop culture memories. Every month, you'll receive a high-quality, limited edition koozie from these fun places. At the end of the month, that koozie is retired forever

Pijon Box


Monthly boxes of personal care items, dorm room essentials and fun gifts. Chosen by our college-life experts.

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TetherBox is a box for college students that sends gadgets, snacks, personal items and other treats, all picked out by students.  Chose a box for a boy or girl!

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