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Calendar January 14, 2015 01/14/15 AuthorBy Subscription Box Mom Comments 13 Comments 13

Try the World Venice Review – 50% Coupon + B1G1 Free Deal

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links

Try the World Venice Review - 50% Coupon + B1G1 Free Deal

Try the World Venice Review – 50% Coupon + B1G1 Free Deal

Try the World is a fantastic box that takes you on a culinary trip around the world.  I have reviewed almost all the Try the World Boxes and each one has been tasty and unique.  Try the World is $39.00 but I have some HUGE coupons at the end of this post.  Try the World‘s newest box, Venice, takes you to Italy with 7 to 10 Italian delicacies curated by David Rosengarten.  I really want to visit Venice, but until then, I will enjoy the box.

Try the World shipping the box in a little brown box.  It was quite heavy and was bulging.  I couldn't wait to check it out.


First Look:  Try the World's packaging can't be beat.  I love how their boxes are presented like a gift.


Second Look:  This box was packed with goodies and squiggles!


Every Try the World box has a culture guide.  The culture guide is like your tour guide for each city.  Try the World lets you know recipes for some great Italian dishes, History, music playlists, and movies.


Here is an example of the recipe for zucchini and capers cichetti.

PicMonkey Collage

Try the World also includes a two-sided information card, about everything in the box.


Melata di Bosco Waldhonig Forest Honeydew: Honeydew honey is a sugary liquid secreted by insects.  The liquid is then collected by Honeybees and converted to a dark Honeydew honey.  This doesn't taste like regular honey, it tastes more like the sweet honey you get from honeysuckle.


Venchi torronici (nougat): This is made by the Venchi Factory, which has been in business since 1870.  This is a white chocolate and hazelnut confection.  The cocoa beans are grown in the Amazon rain forest


Pastificio Dei Campi Gragnano You can't have a box from Venice and not include pasta.  This pasta is handmade in Italy.  This pasta gets its name from an ancient village outside Naples, which is famous for producing fantastic dry pasta.  Back in the day, pasta was dried like laundry in the fresh air.  Today, it is tried with heaters.  The pasta kept staring at me, so I had to try it.  The pasta was amazing!  I made it al dente and it really held in the flavor of the pasta.  I want more pasta like this.


Leone Pastiglie (pastille candy) $3.95 This company has been making candy since 1857.  These candies are lightly lemon flavored and taste similar to a sweet tart.


Perugina Limoncello Chocolate tab The Perugina company was founded in 1907.  They make famous hazelnut filled Baci chocolates, wrapped in love notes.  This chocolate is rich dark chocolate that has a hint of citrus (lemon).  The dark chocolate is wonderful and one of the best I have had.


Urbani Tartufi, red pesto and truffles $9.95 You can't have pasta without a great pesto.  This is a red pesto with truffles.  I had never had truffles until subscription boxes, but they are really great.  I haven't tried this yet, but it looks tasty.


Mogi Coffee $24.50 After water, coffee is the most popular beverage in Italy.  Mogi Caffe is a full-bodied coffee with a low-level of caffeine.  I don't drink coffee, but I love the smell.  This coffee has a rich dark smell and my husband said it tasted good too.


Final Thought: This was one of my favorite Try the World boxes.  The pasta was great and the chocolate was pretty fantastic too.  I actually really liked the entire box.  Try the World is your passport to explore fantastic food from all over the world.   If you want to get this box, use this link with the code SBMOM12 to save 30% on your box.


Purchase a Try the World subscription and get the Paris Box FREE. No code needed, just use the link.

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13 Comment(s)

  1. Tracy N, January 15, 2015:

    Ahh this box looks awesome. I visited Venice a while back. It’s such an amazing place. Lovely people, beautiful surroundings and tons of delicious everywhere. This box and your review sounds like a good trip down memory lane.

  2. Subscription Box Mom, January 15, 2015:

    I would LOVE to go to Venice.

  3. Robyn, February 15, 2015:

    I ordered this subscription based on this review. I got an Italian box but except for the lemon chocolate bar every item was completely different. They were high quality and representative of the culture but just not what I expected. I was disappointed and cancelled as a result.

  4. Subscription Box Mom, February 15, 2015:

    That stinks. I will email them. I don’t like that people don’t get the same box I do.

  5. Wendy, February 19, 2015:

    My box also had nothing in common with this one except the chocolate bar. I got a single serving pack of nasty cherry candy, two single use foil packets of truffle oil, a tiny jar of honey so old it had sugared, a tiny jar of jam, and a pack of crackers. I’m guessing it might have been worth $15 after adding up the things I could find and guessing at the couple I couldn’t. I also unsubscribed. If you have any interest in New England, I very highly recommend the New England Sack, though. Their boxes are consistently excellent.

  6. Robyn, February 19, 2015:

    Sorry you had a similar experience to mine. Tha ks for the recommendation I’ll look into it.

  7. Wendy, February 19, 2015:

    I think the only differences in their boxes this month were that some people got blueberry pancake mix and others got apple cinnamon, and some people got cranberry almond oatmeal while others got goji berry. They don’t play favorites.

  8. Daniel, March 2, 2015:

    Our package was pretty similar to Wendy’s. We did have a little pasta mix bag, but virtually none of the food items other than the chocolate bar and coffee that were mentioned in this review. I wonder if those that start up at the 50% off get these types of boxes without as much stuff in them?
    May be hard to justify $40 if it’s a mystery of whether I’ll get something someone else didn’t and vice versa. It certainly doesn’t create positivity if you see another person got something better/cooler/tastier in their box. It’s a good idea, but needs some tweaking.:)

  9. Felicia Bober, March 4, 2015:

    My Venice box consisted of a Perugina limoncello candy bar, a jar of red pepper tapenade, a small box of pasta, chocolate covered cherries, some crackers & a small jar of honey & a small jar of pear jelly. They advertise that the boxes would include 6-8 FULL SIZED products – mine contained three. The boxes were to have products of that region. Why not include a jar of anchovies? Oh wait, they’re for sale in the store as well as the Mogi coffee for the tiramisu. Bait & switch! Also. There is no customer service to speak of. I’ve been trying to contact them to no avail.

  10. Wendy, March 4, 2015:

    Felicia — did you email them via the contact form on the site? It took them a couple of days to get back to me, but they did. I told them that I wanted to cancel my subscription and by my calculation they owed me $132. The refund to my card came through about a week later. They told me if I wanted to restart my subscription, they’d give me 30% off. I told them no thanks.

  11. Robyn, March 4, 2015:

    That’s exactly what mine had too. I was disappointed. Now I know better. They offered me 30% off if I ever restart. Since I now know each box can have different items I won’t subscribe based on a review.

  12. LizH, March 5, 2015:

    My Venice box contained only 1 full-size product – the chocolate bar – and was otherwise small samples of items that were mostly not what the reviewer here received. It was VERY different from the described box and had nothing to do with simply a change in flavors, etc. as someone suggested in this thread. To be fair, I LOVE the information booklet, packaging, and curation in general, BUT the value is really not there when the products literally could be bought in the sample aisle of World Imports for $20 or less. The info and packaging, no matter how well done, is not worth $20 plus to me. HAD I received what the reviewer received, I would feel differently. As it is, I am going to cancel after posting here. (I Googled the box because I was curious if my experience matched those of others. Apparently it does in some cases.)

  13. Morgen, March 9, 2015:

    I agree with this so much. The items shown here were not what I got AT ALL, except for the chocolate bar, and I think it’s incredibly duplicitous of them to send reviewers a box full of nice stuff and then give everyone else tiny samples. I looked at some other reviews online and they were exactly like this, with people in the comments wondering if they paid for the same thing.

    I love the idea of this but I agree it’s not at all worth it. I’m canceling too.

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