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Calendar April 18, 2015 04/18/15 AuthorBy Subscription Box Mom Comments 5 Comments 5

Loot Crate April 2015 Review – “Fantasy” + Coupon #LOOTCRATE

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.  I received this box for review purposes.

Loot Crate April 2015 Review

Loot Crate April 2015 Review

Wow, my husband's April 2015 Loot Crate arrived today and I was really surprised.  Normally I see spoilers, so I was glad to be completely surprised.  The theme for April is Fantasy!  Loot Crate is a geek and gamer subscription that is only $13.37/month (plus shipping).  Each box is filled with memorabilia, exclusive items, FUNKO Pop and more.

The Details

Cost: 1 month plan: $13.37/mo + $6 S&H. \

          3 month plan: $12.37/mo + $6 S&H

          6 month plan: $11.67/mo + $6 S&H

Coupon:  If you want to try Loot Crate click HERE and use the coupon subscriptionboxmom to save 10%.  OR Use the code NEWS3 to save $3.00 on your subscription.

What's in the box?  Each month you get over $40.00 worth of loot curated around a geeky theme, for less than $20.00 a month.

Shipping:  Loot Crate ships to the US, Canada, Australia, and England.

When does Loot Crate ship? Loot Crates are sent out once each month, scheduled to begin shipping on the 20th unless otherwise specified. Signups are taken until 9pm PT on the 19th. If you signup after 9PM PT on the 19th, your first crate will come in the following month.

When am I charged? For one month subscriptions: You are charged at the time of signup and then the same date each month based on that signup date.* For example, if you signed up on the 28th then your renewal would be the 28th of each month.


The box this month was much smaller than previous boxes.


The inside of the box is themed with Fantasy artwork.  Previous boxes featured interactive elements with the box, but this month, it's just artwork.  Still pretty cool looking.


Every Loot Crate comes with the Loot Crate magazine.  This month's magazine features articles about must watch tv shows and D & D Adventure League. The back of the magazine has a listing off all the contents of the box.  There was also a Fantasy themed Loot Crate button as well.

Exclusive Game of Throne USB Flash Drive

Exclusive Game of Throne USB Flash Drive:  This is a grey direwolf House Stark USB flash drive with 4 GB of memory.  This is an awesome looking flash drive and I am going to battle my husband for it.

Game of Thrones Magnet Set

Game of Thrones Magnet Set: This set of four magnets represents the four feuding houses on Game of Thrones: Stark, Lannister, Targaryen,  and Batatheon.  You can choose which will get top place on your refrigerator.

Exclusive RPG Bow Tie by Spotted and Tied

Exclusive RPG Bow Tie by Spotted and Tied: $85.00 ? Loot Crate says this bow tie was made by Spotted and Tied, whose bow ties sell for $85.00!!!  This actual bow tie has a label that says Black Tie Geek, so I am not sure who actually made this tie.  I think there was a misprint in the book.  Black Tie Geek made a space invaders tie in the January 2015 Loot Crate box.  Regardless who made the tie, this is an exclusive for Loot Crate and features images from Dungeons and Dragons.

Bioworld Luggage Tag Harry Potter

Bioworld Luggage Tag Harry Potter $11.76  This luggage tag features a sign for the 9 3/4 platform, where you get on the train.  This is really awesome and it is going on our luggage.

inflatable crown

Inflatable Crown: This crown fit with the fantasy them, but it seems a bit silly.  I don't see my husband sitting around wearing an inflatable crown.  This crown is actually a bit small.  It only fits our 5 year old's head.

The Princess Bride Playing Cards - As You Wish

The Princess Bride Playing Cards – As You Wish $14.99  Oh My Goodness.  This deck of cards features characters and quotes from one of the coolest movies ever made.


Here is a look at the cards. Aren't they awesome?

Dungeons & Dragons T Shirt

Dungeons & Dragons T Shirt $15.00 est  My husband doesn't play Dungeons & Dragons, but this shirt is still really cool looking.  The shirt seem a bit softer than past shirts too, always a plus.

044Final Thought:  I couldn't get a complete retail value for this box, but the shirt, luggage tag and playing cards are $41.76 in value!  I thought this was a really cool box and the shirt was one of my favorites.  The crown was a bit silly, but The Princes Bride playing cards and the Game of Thrones USB are really awesome.  You still have one day left to subscribe and get this box.  If you want to try Loot Crate click HERE and use the coupon subscriptionboxmom to save 10%.  OR Use the code NEWS3 to save $3.00 on your subscription.

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You can see my FULL coupon list HERE.

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5 Comment(s)

  1. A, April 18, 2015:

    Really? A tacky blowup toy and some cheap magnets. “Epic.” Right. It feels like the only people who actually like this garbage are being paid to like it or have no idea what any of this stuff is. I would love to see someone get paid for free crap and call it like it is.

  2. Subscription Box Mom, April 18, 2015:

    I noted that the blow up crown seemed silly and was quite small. We subscribed to Loot Crate before I received it for review, and he still enjoys it. Had I not received it for review, we would pay for it and subscribe. The shirt is nice and the box under $20.00. The USB and the cards were my husband’s favorite items in the box. It just depends on personal taste, but we really enjoy Loot Crate. Even though I get it “free”, I have to pay taxes on it, and I wouldn’t review it monthly if I thought it was crap.

  3. jaime, April 20, 2015:

    i actually collect magnets and am a HUGE game of thrones fan, so i am really looking forward to my box arriving tomorrow! equally excited by the princess bride playing cards, the harry potter luggage tag and the direwolf flash drive. my daughter is getting the bow tie (she’s obsessed with them thanks to doctor who!) , my son will get the crown, and my husband the t shirt. we actually do pay for this subscription and so far there’s been something for everyone in each box. pointing out the two smaller items in the box and calling it all garbage is kind of ridiculous. you’re paying less than $20, what do you expect? you’d pay that much for a tshirt alone.

  4. KEALA BARKHURST, April 20, 2015:

    My boyfriend and I are really looking forward to receiving our shipment in a couple of days. We have not told the kids about what comes inside this month – but I think they are going to be super pleased! I myself am excited about the Princess Bride playing cards which was one of my favorite movies as a little girl. It reminds me that I need to let my kiddos watch the movie! The thumb drive is always useful, and anything Game of Thrones is appreicated. The bow tie and the inflatable crown will probably be claimed by my six year old and my eight year old who loves such things – I can imagine them now totally running around the house in the bow tie, the crown and probably pajama bottoms. Loot Crate is awesome for a family like ours – we have FIVE kids and so whenever the shipment shows up – all the kids have to wait to open it together and then the kids divy up the loot. So to disagree with others – it is NOT “crap” but the fun of the anticipation and the joy of seeing the kids eyes light up. Even if the children do not understand what certain items are or the geek history behind it – then it opens the doors for us parents to show the kiddos something new. At the very least, the kids feel special because they received something in the mail and I’m so proud of their graciousness when given gifts. Perhaps other negative people should practice in graciousness… Thank you for the review and we look forward to what comes next month!

  5. Subscription Box Mom, April 20, 2015:

    We LOVE Loot Crate, so it’s great to hear others do too!

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