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Junior Explorers “Mission Serengeti” Review – Month 3 + 50% Coupon

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.

Junior Explorers "Mission Serengeti" Review

Junior Explorers “Mission Serengeti” Review

Junior Explorers has been a very fun subscription for my 5 1/2-year-old.  Junior Explorers teaches 6-11 year olds all about wildlife and the environment.  Boxes are $19.00/month (plus $2.00 shipping) and each month your child gets a new online mission, along with a packet of goodies.  When you sign up, the first month will be the  welcome kit.  The welcome kit is filled with a water bottle, a giant map and other goodies.  You can check out my review of the You welcome kit HERE.  Month 2 features a mission to the Arctic, which you can read in my review HERE.  This review is for Mission Serengeti.

The Details:

Cost: $19.00, $49.00 for 3 months, $96.00 for 6 months, $185.00 for 12 months

CouponYou can 50% on your first month with the coupon BOXMOM50

What's in the box?  Once you subscribe, the Welcome Kit is your first delivery. It comes with everything you need to get started as a Junior Explorer! With you Welcome Kit, you will find your first code to get started online too

Each subsequent month, you will receive a Mission Kit that prepares you for your monthly mission! It includes activities, collectibles and cool facts about the ecosystem that you will visit. It also includes the code to unlock your online mission!

Shipping: Shipping in the Continental United States is $2.00.  Shipping to Alaska and Hawaii is $5.00

When am I billed?  You are billed when you sign up and then again on a regular basis.

How do I cancel?  You cancel from your online account.



My packet came in a padded bubble envelope.


The mission packet has the mission code printed on the front and has the Mission Serengeti logo on it.


There was a letter from Kia and Kyle, who are a boy and girl who will accompany your child on the mission.  The mission headquarters' mission field biologist Liloe has been tracking a pride of Lions and has an urgent message.  The lions are growing hungrier every day because the African migration is nowhere to be found.  The mission is to find the migration.


Before your child goes on the mission, there is a check list of things to do.


Collect: Junior Explorers sent a button, wristband and two little animals.  Every monthly box comes with a button and wristband to add to the collection.


Share: 4 mission postcards were included to mail to friends and family.  These postcards are so colorful and would be great wall art or great writing practice for children.


Decorate: There was a large sheet of stickers to decorate the box from the welcome kit and a set of temporary tattoos.


Get Ready: There was a colorful fact sheet about the Serengeti and 6 trading cards featuring different animals.  Junior Explorers will learn more about the animals during the mission, so these cards are a great way to prepare.

PicMonkey Collage

Complete: There was a fun activity booklet filled with games and puzzles.

Once all the items in the checklist are crossed off, your child can Go Online.


Using the mission code in the packet, you log into the account.


I completed the mission with my 5 1/2-year-old L.  He was excited to read the mission and get started.


Before going on the mission, we learned about Africa.


At the mission center, L collected his gear and supplies for the trip.


We boarded the plane and flew to Africa.


Once we landed, L noticed there was a helicopter not an airplane as previous pictured.  That boy keeps me on my toes and I love his attention to detail.


We met the lions that are getting hungry.  The mission is to find the missing migration.

lion anatomy

L learned all about African Lions, Plains Zebras, Martial Eagles, Nile Crocodiles, African Wild Dogs, Giraffes and the Wildebeest.  Each circle on the animal represents a part of the animal you can learn about.  This was a fun interactive way to learn about animals.


There were several games and activities.  The first activity was to get the Eagle to the Hare.  My son didn't want the hare to be eaten, so he knocked the eagle into the poles on purpose.  He did decide he wanted the eagle to be able to eat, so he played the game and had fun.

food chain

My son played another game that taught him about the food chain.


My son's favorite game (and mine) was driving the jeep.  The purpose was to drive the jeep around various bushes.  My son played this game over 25 mins, over and over trying to beat it.  He had so much fun.


Another fun game was to move the baby wildebeest to the mom.  L was really good at this game and faster than me.


L finally got to the herd!  There were a few other things to do before the end of the mission, but it was really fun.


L completed his checklist and submitted his report to headquarters.


At the end of the mission, L got to decide where to give back.  He gave $65.00 to Panthera: Giveback to help the lion and $35.00 to Nature Conservancy: Giveback to protect the Serengeti.  Junior Explorers really give back to these charities, so my liked that he could really help.


Upon completion, there was a certificate to print.


The next mission is Mission Amazon, so stay tuned!  Your child has the opportunity to go back and replay the games.


Final Thought:  This was a really fun mission.  I loved seeing L complete the missions and games.  He had so much fun and he learned so much about animals during the process.  Junior Explorers is fun, engaging and it's “screen time” I can approve of for my son.  You can try Junior Explorers 50% off for your first month.  You will pay only $9.50, plus $2.00 shipping for your first box.  To sign up, use this link with the code BOXMOM50.

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