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Calendar February 10, 2015 02/10/15 AuthorBy Subscription Box Mom Comments 0 Comments 0

February 2015 Wantable Makeup Review + Coupon

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links


Wantable Makeup was my first Wantable box.  I love playing with new makeup and it gives me the opportunity to feel pretty artistic.  Wantable is $40.00 for the first month and $4.00 is applied as credit on your second month.  Every month after, your boxes will be $36.00/month.  You fill out a style quiz when you sign up and let them know all about your makeup preferences.  There is a comment box, so if you want a specific item or have specific requests, you can let Wantable know.  If you get your box and hate it, you can return it!  Wantable has a great coupon right now too.  Click HERE to save 50% on your first box.


All Wantable boxes look pretty much the same.  They always use foam padding to make sure things don't break in shipping.


First Look:  I love the little greeting on top “Nice to see you again beautiful'.


Wantable includes an information booklet about everything in your box.


Inside the booklet, Wantable lists your style preferences, so you will know what you want to change on your profile.  You can retake the survey quiz anytime.  On the right hand side of the paper, there is a list of all the items in the box.  There is a colored circle around each item, that tells you if you love or like it (according to your profile).


Lord & Berry Stardust in Light Bronze $15.00  I was actually supposed to get this in dark violet and I would have loved that color.  Bronze is a warm color and on my dislike list.  Since Wantable gave me the wrong color (according to the information sheet), I gave them a call.  They were super friendly and are sending me a new product!  I even got to pick the product!  I love awesome customer service.


Au Naturale Loose Powder Blushers in Pomegranate $24.00  I received the Au Naturale highlighter last month and I was pleased with the formulation.  This is a pretty peachy pink color.  It's not too peachy, so it still works with my cool complexion.


Sorme Lip Thick Plumping Lip Gloss in Dollup $12.00  This pretty pink gloss has a thicker formula, but it's not sticky.  This color is perfect for spring, or right now when I am wishing it were spring.  This also makes your lips a little more plump.


This is a swatch of the gloss


Frankie Rose Defined Seduction Lip Liner in Pink Lemonade $18.00  This lip liner is BRIGHT.  I think I am going to pair this with a calmer gloss, to make it a bit less bright..


This is a swatch of the pencil.  It may not look too bright, but it is.

019Final Thought: This box had a total value of $69.00.  I thought this month was okay, but it wasn't my favorite.  I am not totally digging the pink lip liner and I was disappointed that I got the light bronze eyeshadow.  I was really impressed with Wantable‘s customer service.  I didn't have to haggle or try to convince them of the error.  They were super sweet and even let me pick my new product.  I love Wantable and my customer service experience today, makes me love them even more.   If you want to try Wantable, use this link to save 50%. 

Customer Service Update: I received my replacement product and I am very happy!


I love the little Oops!


I received the  Bodyography Expressions Eyeshadow in SeaFoam.  I am very happy with my replacement and the prompt customer service.

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