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All about monthly subscription box reviews.
Calendar April 10, 2014 04/10/14 AuthorBy Subscription Box Mom Comments 3 Comments 3

Try The World Rio

Try the World Rio

Try the World Rio

Try the World is a destination subscription box, that sends not only some of the most delicious gourmet finds but also a companion on the history of the products and how to use them, as well as a few cultural tips like music, movies, and things to do.  This is a fun way to get a taste of a new city, without leaving your living room.

I reviewed a sample of the Paris box and you can read that review HERE.

The Details:

Cost: $45.00 every 2 months (Subscription)

What is in the box? Every 2 months Try The World's team of travelers and local experts curates a collection of products that best represent each country. In your box you will find not only a some of the most delicious gourmet finds but also a companion on the history of the products and how to use them.  There is not only food in the boxes.  The founders Kat and David believe “The two essential ways to discover new cultures are through food and art”.  In addition to food, there will also be “culture gems” such as a music play list, a list of top local films or a poem.

When do boxes ship?  Your first box will arrive no later than 4 weeks after you order.  All the boxes get shipped together.  When you receive your first box, your next box will arrive 60 days later.

When am I billed: You are billed the day you order and then every 60 days after that.

How do I cancel? To cancel your subscription, click the link you received when you subscribed to manage your account. Or send us a note to sayhello@trytheworld.com and they can do it for you.  Their service meets logistics needs dictated by their shipper, who requests that any cancellation of a box shipment should be made 5 business days prior to the shipping of the box. If you cancel your subscription less than 5 business days prior to your scheduled box shipment, your cancellation will be taken into account after you receive your box.

Website:  http://trytheworld.com/

Try the World Rio

Try the World Rio

Try the World came in a beautiful blue box.  Everything was shipped in a plain brown box.

First Look

First Look

 There was a interesting culture guide right on top.  I was excited to learn more about Brazil

Madrugada Maracuja Fruit Tea

Madrugada Maracuja Fruit Tea

Madrugada Maracuja Fruit Tea: This is a passion fruit tea from Brazil.  This can be consumed hot or cold.

Bananinha Paraibuna Banana Candy

Bananinha Paraibuna Banana Candy

 Bananinha Paraibuna Banana Candy: This is high in potassium and is from Paraibuna.  It has a chocolate outside and jelly inside.

banana candy

Predilecta Goiabada Guava Paste

Predilecta Goiabada Guava Paste

 Predilecta Goiabada Guava Paste: This is a guava dessert that is commonly served with cheese.  This can be served on toast or served warm with cheese in an empada.


Sococo Shredded Coconut

Sococo Shredded Coconut

 Sococo Shredded Coconut  This is a bag of shredded coconut and can be used on lots of things.  Try the World included a recipe for Beijinhos or “little kisses”.



Yoki Japanese Peanuts

Yoki Japanese Peanuts

 Yoki Japanese Peanuts  There are many Japanese influences in Brazil due to the immigration treaty that was signed in 1907.  Brazil is home to the largest Japanese population outside Japan.  The Toki Japanese Peanuts is a popular treat in Brazil.



Reserve De Minas Jabuticaba  Jam

Reserve De Minas Jabuticaba Jam

Reserve De Minas Jabuticaba Jam  The Jabuticaba is a frui bearing tree that has has fruit that looks like a thick skinned berry.  This is a yummy jam made from this fruit.



Yoki Pacoquinha

Yoki Pacoquinha

Yoki Pacoquinha: This is a small sweet treat made with ground peanuts.


Frootiva Acai Covered Apple Bits

Frootiva Acai Covered Apple Bits

Frootiva Acai Covered Apple Bits:  These are dried pieces of apple covered in Acai.  These are really good and my favorite treat from the box.



Culture, Music and More

There is a whole booklet included in the box about the Culture in Brazil.


There was a recipe for Beijinhos, which is a dessert made with the coconut flakes in the box.


There are also lists of popular restaurants in Brazil.


There is a list of popular landmarks and places to visit in Brazil.


There is a Brazilian son.  I don't speak Portuguese, so I am not sure what it says.


Try the world also included a list of popular movies.  I am going to try to watch one.



There was also a list of popular songs

Try the World Rio

Try the World Rio

 Final Thought:  This was a nice box and I really felt I received a complete picture of the culture and food of Rio.  I like that Try the World takes you to a new place every two months.  The Frootiva was my favorite item from the box and I am excited to try all the items in the box.  When you sign up, you will receive Paris first, then Tokyo and then Rio.  If you want to get this box, use this link with the code SBMOM12 to save 30% on your box.


Purchase a Try the World subscription and get the Paris Box FREE. No code needed, just use the link.

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Disclaimer: This box was received free for review,  My opinions are my own.

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3 Comment(s)

  1. Katherine, July 3, 2014:

    I’m Brazilian and this box hits the nail on the head as far as traditional treats go. I’m impressed! :)

  2. roxy, March 16, 2015:

    Yikes. They do not speak Spanish in BraziI….it is Portuguese.

  3. Subscription Box Mom, March 16, 2015:

    My mistake, I corrected it. Thanks for letting me know.

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