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Calendar February 20, 2019 02/20/19 AuthorBy Subscription Box Mom Comments 25 Comments 25

FULL March 2019 BoxyLuxe By Boxycharm Spoilers

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.

FULL March 2019 BoxyLuxe By Boxycharm Spoilers

FULL March 2019 BoxyLuxe By Boxycharm Spoilers

BOXYCHARM has started releasing spoilers for their March 2019 BoxyLuxe box. Boxycharmis a beauty subscription box that sends a box of beauty item worth over $100.00, for only $21.00 a month.

Each box contains 4 to 5 full-sized beauty products from well-known, chic, and up-and-coming brands.  BOXYCHARM sends out full-size products, and each box always has great value.

The new BoxyLuxe is an upgrade to the regular Boxycharm subscriptions. Boxes are $28.99/quarter and come with full-size beauty products over a $250.00 value.

Full Spoilers

March 2019 BoxyLuxe By Boxycharm Spoilers

Box #1 Spoilers

Box #2 Spoilers

Spoiler #1

Morphe Cosmetics 15H Happy Hour Palette

Spoiler #2

It Cosmetics Confidence in a Cream

It Cosmetics Confidence in a Cream $48.00

Spoiler #3

Iconic London Sculpt & Boost Eyebrow Cushion 

Iconic London Sculpt & Boost Eyebrow Cushion $39.00

Spoiler #4

🚨Charm Alarm! 🚨Today we bring a fourth March BOXYLUXE Sneak Peek! This exclusive launch and limited edition Cover FX All in One Perfector Face Palette (valued at $45) comes in two shade variations: Light/Medium & Medium/Deep. You’ll have contour, blush, highlighter, brightener & finishing powder all in one palette 😱 #Boxycharm #BoxyLuxe

Every subscriber will get one of these palettes. They are an exclusive collaboration with ColorFX. If you already subscribe, be sure to fill out the beauty quiz in your account, so you get the right palette.

Spoiler #5

Lilly Lashes

beccalynn.75 has posted the 5th spoiler. The March box will include lashes by Lilly Lashes.

Spoiler #6

Deborah Lippmann Gel Lab Pro Color

Spoiler #7

Becca Ultimate Lipstick Love

Becca Ultimate Lipstick Love $24.00 Colors Vary

  • This will be in the BoxyLuxe and Boxcharm boxes.

Spoiler #8

Wander Beauty Lift Off Purifying and Brightening Peel Off Mask

Joining this line up of sneak peeks is the Wander Beauty Lift Off Purifying and Brightening Peel Off Mask in this rose gold color EXCLUSIVELY made for Boxycharm.

Use this link to subscribe to Boxycharm. Once you are subscribed, go to “my subscriptions” and click upgrade. You will then be on the waitlist for December.

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25 Comment(s)

  1. Liza, January 16, 2019:

    That morphe palette sucks and it’s just so cheap. What a shame this will be in the next boxyluxe box. Not happy with that at all.

  2. Jill Corbin, January 16, 2019:

    I’m not a Morphe fan, but I’m grateful to have Boxycharm continue to include full palettes. That’s pretty awesome. Be appreciative!

  3. Rebecca Boerigter, January 23, 2019:

    Morphe palettes are fine… but they definitely are budget… not “brand name” as boxycharm advertises. This is personally a miss for me, but would make an excellent gift to someone who is less into/ doesnt own much makeup. Between the creme and the palette it only adds up to 72$ so there should be some better brand name products that make up the rest of the 300$ advertised box price.

  4. Karmen Letourneau, January 26, 2019:

    Excited for March’s boxyluxe box. I absolutely LOVE boxycharm

  5. Ana R., February 2, 2019:

    I love BoxyCharm & specially now that we have Boxy Luxe; I love all the goodies that we get! I totally love the price that they charge us for each month. I love all the full size makeup and when I don’t like some of them; I just give them away to family members or I sell them and get my money back lol In Love with Boxy Charm!!

  6. Jen B, February 3, 2019:

    This will be my first boxyluxe and I have to admit seeing the Morphe palette spoiler kinda sucks. I have tried 2 out of 4 of those palettes and they arent very good. Hoepfully I get one that I hadnt already returned and worst case scenario I give it to someone as a gift. Hopefully this will be the only time that there will be a regular morphe palette. If it were the jacklyn hill palette of the james charles it would be a totally different story, their formulas are so much better

  7. sherry, February 9, 2019:

    Why is the font looking so odd today?
    Is there a complete list of the number of items in the March BoxyLuxe? This really isn’t tripping my trigger and after seeing so many talk about Ipsy Plus…Well…Long time fan of BoxyCharm and subscriber but this isn’t quite doing it for me yet…I am hoping for some type of lifestyle item or more brushes that would blow us away for Spring!
    Have a great weekend everyone!

  8. Subscription Box Mom, February 9, 2019:

    I don’t see a font issue on my end. I am not sure. We don’t have full spoilers for the March Luxe yet, so I don’t know the final count.

  9. Celesta, February 12, 2019:

    I was disappointed with the Boxycharm box I received today and I’ll be passing on the Boxy Luxe in March as I don’t use eyelashes. The Morphe palette is same ole same ole. Also the lip colors are too neutral for me. The IT cream is ok but the eye brow won’t be used by me either. Very disappointed and I usually enjoy them all. Not these unfortunately.

  10. Nikki, February 12, 2019:

    I love March’s Boxyluxe, but why do I feel like for skincare we always get anti-aging. I have 2 anti aging creams just like this one we are getting, lets switch it up a bit and give us a good cleanser or a serum!

  11. MICHELLE L KENT, February 14, 2019:


  12. Monika Fay, February 17, 2019:

    I just got off the Ipsy Plus waitlist about four months ago and I must say they have outshined themselves every time!
    The last 2 Boxy’s unfortunately have been Eh 😕
    Hopefully March Boxyluxe Changes things for me…..since I also will be considering cancellation

  13. edith, February 27, 2019:

    Your making us pay 28$ more for 3 extra products when in the beginning it was 11 items if not more that’s false advertisement and the Items are repeated eyelashes AGAIN ipsy luxe is 25$ for 5 products and there good products and I don’t have to pay 2 times in one month to get the bag I’m going back to reg bag if they don’t fix this soon it’s a rip off this bag is worth one payment not 2 this is wrong it says it comes with 11 items in our subscription and I only see 8 offers

  14. Nanny Nancy, February 27, 2019:

    I just renewed my subsription after the Boxyluxe launch fiasco. I was so mad at the time I cancelled my membership. I was already a longtime member but wasnt allowed to upgrade from “Charm” to “Luxe”. I decided to rejoin when I saw face cream in the March Boxycharm spoilers. I’m happy that I never upgraded. The March box looks great!!!

  15. Jessica Arias, February 28, 2019:

    I hope they make up for next shipment!! Love Boxy Charm but i think they went a little cheap on Morphy Palette. Will be cancelling Boxyluxe

  16. Carrie, February 28, 2019:

    I am confused. This says full spoilers and that BOXY Luxe contains 11 items but I only see 7 items and a value of approx $240. Do they just surprise you with the rest of the items?

  17. Maha Smith, March 1, 2019:

    I have been subscribed to Boxycharm for 3 years. And even though it’s true that you get your money’s worth in products I don’t think the quality has been the same. I am very disappointed in this months Boxyluxe. I sure hope that these spoilers are part of it and that when the box comes I will have my 11 products. Morphe? Come on, I know their palettes are not the worse but It’s not what I expect in a Boxycharm. Whatever. I am waiting to get off the wait list for Ipsy plus and getting rid of this as soon as I get it.

  18. DIana, March 2, 2019:

    OH MAN…this is my first BoxyLuxe and I am a little disappointed. First of all I do NOT support Morphe at all, second the cuticle set (that may or may not be included) is not something I need as I have multiples, third I don’t need more brushes. I mean I can still try and sell some stuff I get but considering this is costing me CAD 74….I’m not impressed. I will keep my subscription for the June BoxyLuxe and decide from there if I keep it or not.

  19. lauri, March 4, 2019:

    OH NO!!!! MORPHE AGAIN??? FAKE EYELASHES AGAIN???? Very disappointed with this Boxyluxe….for the money paid, I would rather have samples of more exspensive items to try. Not impressed….getting on Ispsy waiting list….

  20. Chris, March 7, 2019:

    BoxyCharm will charge 49.99 total each month you get a Boxyluxe… so 4 times a year you’ll pay 50 bucks for Boxyluxe… i was disappointed in this since I was under the impression that it would only be 28.99, just 8 dollars more every 3 months. Was anyone else confused by the pricing? Also, this month BoxyCharm said they sent the incorrect coverfx palette to nearly everyone, so that also is disappointing, the quiz didn’t even matter.

  21. Christy, March 7, 2019:

    I like the majority of the items this month but the morphe palette is no great. If it had to be a morphe product it would’ve been better to get a blush palette or something. The 15 palettes are cheap for a reason. I saw people saying they’d gv ipsy plus a try. I didn’t like it at all. Not worth 25 in my opinion.

  22. Angie, March 8, 2019:

    I want to try the Ipsy Plus but apparently you have to get an invite. 🙁 how did you all get on the waiting list?

  23. ceia, March 14, 2019:

    I have been a huge boxycharm fan, but have to say that I am really disappointed with the repeat in items! I have signed up for the boxyluxe and not sure if I want to continue on that plan. I see the spoilers and agree, it is not how they advertise the box! Less items and NOT the value that they say you are getting! I too am on the Ipsy waiting list for the Ipsy Plus and once I am on the list, I am thinking of cancelling my Boxycharm subscription. PLEASE Boxycharm get it together!! 11 products of 300 value in the Boxluxe as you advertise… ALSO PLEASE NO more eyelashes for GOD sakes!

  24. marissa, March 20, 2019:

    Im still waiting for March Boxy to come in. Haven’t gotten anything yet

  25. Subscription Box Mom, March 20, 2019:

    I know they had some delays this time around. Mine just arrived.

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