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Calendar February 12, 2019 02/12/19 AuthorBy Subscription Box Mom Comments 0 Comments 0

All He Loves February 2019 Review + Coupon

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. I received this box for review.

All He Loves February 2019 Review

All He Loves February 2019 Review

All He Loves is a subscription box for men. Monthly boxes are $45.00/month and come with full size interesting & fun premium lifestyle products, with a total value of $65 or more. The seasonal box is $45.00/quarter for premium lifestyle products that always includes a gourmet food item and a $65 value. You can also purchase a 3-month subscription for $125.

The Details

Cost: $45.00/month, $45.00/quarter, $125.00/3 Month Box

What's in the box? Each box will come with fun and premium lifestyle products for men.

Coupon Use the coupon ERIN10 to save 10% off the first box. 

All He Loves February 2019 Review

Their new boxes are all black and come with their logo on the top.

All He Loves February 2019 Review

First Look. The theme for this month is “Senses”.

All He Loves February 2019 Review

The information card had a list of everything in the box with descriptions and values.

Hear: ONEvido - Earbuds With Safe Ambient

Hear: ONEvido – Earbuds With Safe Ambient $79.00 (currently selling for $39) These wireless headphones are from a Kickstarter campaign. They are designed with a “safe mode”, so you can hear on your headphones, and hear background noise at the same time.  While many people want background noise completely canceled out, these headphones enable you to also listen to your kids or announcements made in the background.

The case pulls open and each earbud sits on its own charger. The earbuds do work, but when you turn on “safe mode”. you get feedback in the earphones and it's quite painful. We tried adjusting the settings and volume but couldn't get the “safe mode” to work. The earbuds do work as regular earphones though.

Sight: 100% Handmade Heated Cotton Eye Mask

Sight: 100% Handmade Heated Cotton Eye Mask

Sight: 100% Handmade Heated Cotton Eye Mask $20.00 This eye mask plugs into a portable charger or computer and heats up. It has an adjustable elastic strap, so it's comfortable to wear. The directions did give me a laugh. Step 5 says “It is proposal to worm your eyes within 30 mins.”.

The box comes with an electric cable, earbuds, directions, the eye mask, and a silk pouch. Once you turn on the mask, it does heat up, but it doesn't get too hot. The side that lays on your eyes is very soft and it's a relaxing mask. The mask has three different settings, so you can pick the one that's the most comfortable.

Alfred Lane Solid Cologne

Smell: Alfred Lane Solid Cologne $22.00 This men's cologne is my favorite item in the box. This is described as a woodsy, oriental scent with spicy notes of nutmeg, sandalwood, and leather. It's made with natural ingredients and oils, so it's good for your skin too.

Final Thought: This box had a total value of $121.00 or $81.00 with current sale prices. I loved the cologne and the eye mask. The earbuds are fine as wireless earbuds, but not worth $79. Even with an $81.00 value, the box still had more value than the cost of the box. If you want to subscribe, use the coupon ERIN10 to save10% off the first box.

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