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Calendar November 8, 2018 11/08/18 AuthorBy Subscription Box Mom Comments 0 Comments 0

Baby3&me November 2018 Review + 50% Coupon

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, and I get a commission from my links. I received this box for review.

Baby3&me November 2018 Review

Baby3&me November 2018 Review

Baby3&Me is a new baby and toddler subscription box. There are two subscriptions, Treasure Chest, and Family Treasure Chest. The Treasure Chest is $39.00/month and comes with items for parents, along with trendy products in baby care and toddler development. Each box will contain 7 or more items for a total value of $75.00 or more. This box is specially designed for babies 0-6 months and toddlers age 2. Each box is personalized to each family, so you may not get the same items I received. When you sign up, you will answer three questions to help personalize the box.

The Family Treasure Chest is $85.00/month and comes with 12 gifts for parents and children. The Family Treasure Box will have a value of a $130.00 value.

The Details

Cost: Treasure Chest $39.00/month, Family Treasure Chest $85.00/month.

What's in the box? Each box contains 7 to 12 items for baby and parents, depending on what box you buy.

Coupon: Use the coupon HALFOFF to save 50% off your 1st box.

Shipping: Ships worldwide from the United States.

Baby3&me November 2018 Review

Everything shipped in a large blue box.

Baby3&me November 2018 Review

First Look

Baby3&me November 2018 Review

The card on top of the box had a welcome from Baby3&me.

Playtex Baby ABC Book

Playtex Baby ABC Book $6.85 My boys had these type of book as a baby. This book is made of crinkle fabric and has all the letters of the alphabet in it. The edge of one page has three fabric tags and there is an orange rubber toy for your baby to chew on.

Himalayan Chief Himalayan Pink Salt - Course

Himalayan Chief Himalayan Pink Salt – Course $5.96 I love cooking with Himalayan pink salt. This one is free from harmful additives and kosher, vegan and non-gmo. The bag is resealable, so you won't have to worry about the bag falling over and spilling in your cabinet.

Mamma Chia Squeeze - Cherry Beat

Mamma Chia Squeeze – Cherry Beat $1.50 I am sure this is for the parents, but my 6-year-old will love it. I won't tell him it contains chia seeds and hopefully, he won't notice. This has 1200 mg of Omega 3s and has only 70 calories.

Nothing But The Fruit Grape Fruit Bites

Nothing But The Fruit Grape Fruit Bites $1.00 My 5-year-old loves was happy to get these in his lunchbox.  They are made with Concord grape puree concentrate, grape juice, and a few other ingredients.

Amish Wedding Old Fashioned Harvest Jam

Amish Wedding Old Fashioned Harvest Jam $2.64 This jam is perfect for lunches or homemade biscuits. This is a great tasting jam that has notes of cinnamon, apple, and cranberry. I loved it on my toast this morning.

Melissa and Doug Rainbow Stacker $12.00 This Melissa & Doug stacker is better than most of the other stackers because you can stack the rings in any order. My oldest had the Fisher Price plastic one, and you couldn't stack those in any order. The toy is made of wood and lasts forever. Your child will grow out of this toy before the toy wears outs. My youngest had this toy when he was a baby and it was one of his favorites.

Next by Nature Dark Chocolate Blueberries

Next by Nature Dark Chocolate Blueberries $6.99 I love getting dark chocolate in subscription boxes. These are little blueberries in dark chocolate. They are all natural, gluten free and you can get 1/2 the bag in one serving, My dad loves chocolate and fruit together, so I am going to share these with him. My only critique is the packaging is hard to open.

Frog Bath Puppet

Frog Bath Puppet $1.00 Your child can play and wash with this bath puppet. My kids still love having toys in the bathtub and shower. If you are concerned with mold growing in bath toys, your child can play with this outside the tub.

Count & Find 100 Frogs & 10 Flies

Count & Find 100 Frogs & 10 Flies

Count & Find 100 Frogs & 10 Flies $3.98 When I was growing up, I used to have a huge collection of frogs, so I am loving the frog items. This book has frogs and flies to count. Even when your child outgrows the board book, they can still use the numbers at the top to practice counting to 100.

Chick Pea Hooded Towel

Chick Pea Hooded Towel $9.99 (regularly $21.00) I loved hooded towels for my kids when they were small.  Babies and toddlers stay warm and you don't have to worry about the towel falling off. The towel measures 30″ x 30″, so it will work for your little one for a long time.

Baby3&me November 2018 Review

Final Thought: This box had a total value of $51.98. I love the hooded towel and the Melissa & Doug stacking toy. I like that there were food items for parents too. This is a great box for families and would be a great family Christmas gift. If you want to subscribe, use the coupon HALFOFF to save 50% on your 1st box.

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