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Calendar August 9, 2018 08/09/18 AuthorBy Subscription Box Mom Comments 0 Comments 0

Smartass & Sass August 2018 Spoilers + Coupon

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. I get a commission from my links.

Smartass & Sass August 2018 Spoilers

Smartass & Sass August 2018 Spoilers

Smartass & Sass has released some spoilers for the August 2018 subscription box.  Smartass & Sass is $34.95/month and contains 4-8 items designed for snarky individuals and cynical a**holes. Boxes include things like bags, pins, notebooks, mugs, and more.

The theme for August is:

Smartass & Sass August 2018 Spoilers

The theme for August is “Binge Betch”.

The box will be filled with items inspired by our favorite binge-worthy shows (though they will be general enough that you'll love them even if you haven't seen it!): 
👵Golden Girls
🏢The Office
☂How I Met Your Mother 
👓New Girl
🌳Parks & Recreation
🎒The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Spoiler #1

Smartass & Sass August 2018 Spoilers

The Get It Poppin' Potholder featured below will be in this month's box!!

The highlights:
• 8″ x 8″
• Heat-resistant material on the back (for extra hot stuff)
• Little loop for hanging
• Perfect quote from The Office: “I'm hot, you're hot, let's get it poppin”

Spoiler #2

The One With All The Cards Game featured above will also be in this month's box!!

The highlights:
• Cards Against Humanity style game
• Can be combined with CAH decks or played standalone
• 297 cards, including blanks for write-in cards
• So so many Friends-related jokes (but still fun for anyone who didn't watch the show)
• Retail value of $29.99

More Spoilers

Box subscribers will be getting:
Heavy Duty Potholder (above)
Game (above)
Greeting card (everyday)
Decor item
Print (w/ display)
AND a sassy themed shirt for BIG box subscribers!

Subscribe to Smartass & Sass and use the coupon SASS to get $5. off your subscription.

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