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Calendar February 9, 2018 02/09/18 AuthorBy Subscription Box Mom Comments 0 Comments 0

January 2018 Graze Review + First Month Free

Disclosure: This box was received this box for review.  This post contains affiliate links.

January 2018 Graze Review

January 2018 Graze Review

Graze is a snack subscription box that sends 8 individually packaged snacks for $13.99/box.  You can choose to get a box weekly, or every other week.  Your first box is FREE, just pay $1.00 shipping and it will come with four individually packaged snacks.  When you sign up, you can rate all the snacks as trash, try, like or love.  This will help Graze decide what snacks to include in your box.  You can have your box delivered to your home or office.  If you are going out-of-town, you can also postpone your box a week.  You can also fully manage your subscription, right from your account.  After your first box, each future box will contain 8 snacks for $11.99/box.

The Details:

Cost: $13.99/Box

CouponClick HERE to get your 1st box FREE, just pay $1 shipping.

What's in the box?.: Each box contains 8 individual snacks based on your taste preferences.

Shipping: Free

When do I pay? “You pay per box and we take payment up to a week in advance of you receiving your box as we need time to prepare it and send it to you”

How do I cancel? You can cancel your deliveries from your orders page, which you can get to by clicking your name in the top right hand corner of any page. Once there, you click on my subscription.


Graze shipped in a plain brown box.

First Look

First Look

Informatiom Card

The booklet had nutritional information for all the snacks in the box.

Salted Caramel & Chocolate Cookie

Salted Caramel & Chocolate Cookie This combines salted peanuts, Belgian chocolate salted caramel buttons, amaretti drops, and seeds. This was a sweet and slightly salty combination. I recommend breaking apart the larger chocolate buttons, so you get an even amount of chocolate with the other flavors.


Kettlecorn Kern Pops These half popped kernals have that sweet taste, but there was also a good amount of salt too. The kern pops are my favorite snack from Graze.

Spicy Sriracha Crunch

Spicy Sriracha Crunch If you like spicy snacks, you need to try this. This is made of sriracha peas, salted peanuts, garlic sesame sticks and roasted cashews. This has a heat that will last after you eat the snack.

Summery Berry Flapkjack

Summery Berry Flapkjack I love eating these for breakfast.  These are a combination of rustic rolled oat flapjacks with berry infused cranberries.  These taste like you would expect, but they weren't too dry.

Jelly Doughnut

Jelly Doughnut This is a mix of raspberry strings, vanilla cookie drops, raspberry cranberries and almonds. I never eat jelly doughnuts, but this is good and it really captures the taste of a doughnut.

Sweet & Spicy Beet Crunch

Sweet & Spicy Beet Crunch These beet chips, jalapeno chickpeas, and sunflower seeds. This snack was a bit of a disappointment for me. I like the beet pieces, but I really didn't find it spicy.

Cinnamon Pretzel

Cinnamon Pretzel After reading the name, I thought the pretzels would be covered in cinnamon. This is a mix of cinnamon honey almonds and regular pretzels. They are great together, but I would love to have just the almonds in the box.

Caramel Apple

Caramel Apple My husband enjoys caramel apples, so I asved this snack for him. These are dried applies with a sweet caramel sauce. The apples are dried, sweet and chewy. I could eat just the apples in this snack.


Final Thought: Graze is a nice and affordable snack box that sends snacks to your preferences. Our favorite snacks were the pretzels, kern pops and the flapjacks. Graze has a huge selection of snacks and you can pick the snacks/favors you don't want to receive.  If you want to subscribe, use this link to get your 1st box of 4 snacks free, just pay $1 shipping. 

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