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All about monthly subscription box reviews.
Calendar February 10, 2018 02/10/18 AuthorBy Subscription Box Mom Comments 0 Comments 0

Candy Club February 2018 Review + Coupon

Candy Club February 2018 Review. Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.

Candy Club February 2018 Review

Candy Club February 2018 Review

Candy Club is a candy subscription box that sends up to 3 pounds of candy for $27.99 a month.If you love candy, Candy Club delivers a huge amount of candy each month.  When you sign up, you will fill out a little questionnaire to help you choose your box.  You can pick from Favorites, Classic or Sours and more.    You can read my past reviews here to see the other kinds of boxes.

There is now a customization option!  The price is the same, but you get to pick the three main items in the box now.

custom/curated box

When you sign up, you choose custom or curated boxes.

candy club customization

If you choose custom, you will put in your zip code and choose three candies.  There are so many choices, it's fun to see what candies they will add each month.

candy club selection window

At the top of the screen, you will see this little box, which will show the candies you pick.  When it's time to choose your candy, Candy Club will send you an email to choose your candies.

The Details:

Cost: $27.99/1 month, 6 Months-$22.99/mo, 12 Months-$19.99

CouponUse this link and save 50% on your 1st box, plus get free shipping. My exclusive code will appear in the checkout.

What's in the box?  Candy Club wants to deliver fresh candy to your door, month after month. Each month, you’ll receive a selection of 2-3 lbs. of your favorite candies. Our thousands of candies could give you and your loved ones millions of smiles. And all you have to do is sit back and get ready to enjoy the sweet life.

How do I cancel? Call them at  888-598-5995.

Candy Club

Candy Club ships in a big brown box.

First Look

First Look

March 2018 Candy Club

There was an insert in this month's box, featuring candies coming in March.  I need those Albanese Gummi Albunnies and the dark chocolate non-pareils.

Information Card

The box comes with information cards.  The front of the card has descriptions of each candy and the back has the calorie content for each candy.

candy club

Each tub comes wrapped in plastic.

Zachary Dark Chocolate Covered AlmondsZachary Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds

Zachary Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds We typically don't get chocolate in our boxes, but there were so many different chocolate candies that looked good this month that looked good. These dark chocolate covered almonds are so rich and have a nice crunch.


Zachary Maple Nut Cluster Chocolate Covered Oh these are just the best things ever. These clusters are filled with maple syrup and nuts, then covered in milk chocolate. They taste like “turtles” and are so addicting.

IMG_5475Sweet's Nummy Bears Non-Gmo

Sweet's Nummy Bears Non-Gmo We have had these bears before and the kids loved them so much, we selected them again. The bears come in watermelon, grape and cherry. They have a chewy texture that is a bit sticky when you chew them.


Sweet's S'mores Taffy This was the bonus candy of the box. We have received taffy in previous boxes, but this is the first time we have had s'more flavored taffy. My husband gets all the taffy and he thought it was really good. You could really taste the chocolate, marshmallow and graham cracker taste.

Candy Club February 2018 Review

Final Thought: This is my family's favorite subscription that we share. My kids love doing chores and things to earn some of the candy, I like that you can pick out your candy each month, so you will never be disappointed. Subscribe and get $15.00 off your 1st month with this link. OR BUY 3 candies GET 3 candies FREE.

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