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Calendar December 11, 2017 12/11/17 AuthorBy Subscription Box Mom Comments 0 Comments 0

VitaFive Vitamin December 2017 Subscription Box Review + Coupon

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.  I received this box for review.

VitaFive Vitamin December 2017 Subscription Box Review

VitaFive Vitamin December 2017 Subscription Box Review

VitaFive is a vitamin subscription box that offers a variety of different packs.  Subscriptions start at $14.00 and each box is customized by you! Each box contains 28 packs of vitamins (taken daily) and ships every 4 weeks. Each package is written with your name and the vitamins inside.

The Details

Cost: Plans start at $14.00

What's in the box?  Each pack contains 28 packages of vitamins and ships every four weeks.  You select the vitamins in your box.

CouponUse this link with the coupon “submom30” (all lowercase) to save 30%.


VitaFive ships in a little cardboard box.


All your packs are in one box.

IMG_1998 Information Card

You box comes with information cards with all the vitamins in your packs. The front of the card has information about each vitamin and the back has the nutrition content.


I received three different vitamins: Calcium & D3, Probiotic, and Multivitamin. The Calcium & D3 has cardiovascular benefits and improves bones strength. The two Multivitamins are broad-based vitamins that helps balance out your diet. The Probiotic helps remove toxins from your body and help with digestion. The vitamins taste great and are like eating candy. If you like gummy candy, you will like these.


Each pack has your name and the vitamins on the back.  If multiple people in your family get this subscription, you don't have to worry about mixing the packs up.


Final Thought: This is a great way to take vitamins. Subscriptions are $14.00 for one vitamin and $45.00 for 6 gummies.  I like that you can pick the gummies that go in your packs, so you won't be taking things you don't need.  The gummies taste great and the individual packs make it easy to stick them in your purse or bag.  If you want to try VitaFive, use the coupon friend40 to save 40% on your 1st box.  If that doesn't work, use the code submom30 to save 30% on your 1st pack.

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