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Calendar April 21, 2017 04/21/17 AuthorBy admin Comments 0 Comments 0

STICKII April 2017 Sticker Review + Coupon

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. I received this box for review.

STICKII April 2017 Sticker Review

STICKII April 2017 Sticker Review

STICKII is a sticker subscription box that offers three different plans: Retro, Cute and Pop. for only $10.00/month.  Each pack includes 5+ big sticker sheets, 10+ small-medium single stickers, and 1+ washi tape sample.  Pop includes bright, trending and cool stickers.  Cute includes Kawaii, warm and pastel stickers.  Retro includes vintage, earthy and nostalgic.  I received the Retro pack for review.

The Details

Cost: $10.00/month

Coupon: Use this code TRYSTICKII to save 15% on your 1st box.

What's in the box? Each pack includes 5+ big sticker sheets, 10+ small-medium single stickers, and 1+ washi tape sample.


Stickii ships in colorful envelopes. I received the cute pack for review.

Unicorn Sticker

The envelope was sealed with a unicorn sticker.

Party Hedgehogs

Party Hedgehogs These hedgehogs are having a party and you're invited! This sheet comes with hedgehogs, party balloons, and gifts. I like the tiny little baby hedgehogs.

Kawaii Happy Animals

Kawaii Happy Animals These are little animals dressed up with rabbit ears. If you were a fan of the hedgehogs, you will be happy to see there are a few on this sheet too.

Winged Unicorn

Winged Unicorn This sticker reminds me a bit of Rainbow Brite's horse.


Unicorns It seems fitting these are in the April box with the popularity of the Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino. These pretty purple unicorns are already on my planner.

Patterned Hedgehogs

Patterned Hedgehogs Who knew there were so many hedgehog stickers? These stickers are a puffy sticker and feature all kinds of different patterns.


Succulents These little succulents are too cute.  There are all kinds of plants on the page: small, large, round, groups. This is a really fun sheet.

Cactus Metal Bookmark

Cactus Metal Bookmark Typically Stickii only includes stickers, so I was surprised to see a bookmark.  I always have a book by my bed, so this little guy is going right to work.

Individual Stickers

Individual Stickers Each envelope comes with a little pack of individual stickers.  I love these mini banner stickers.  They are perfect to make dates or your own birthday cards!

STICKII April 2017 Sticker Review

Final Thought: Well, the April Cute pack lived up to its name.  The unicorns were my favorite stickers, but those hedgehogs were so cute too. You really get a nice amount of stickers for your price.  Remember, you can choose between three different themes. Subscribe with this link and use the code TRYSTICKII to get 15% off your 1st box!

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