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All about monthly subscription box reviews.
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Calendar October 3, 2016 10/03/16 AuthorBy Subscription Box Mom Comments 0 Comments 0

Mask Box September 2016 Review

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.  I received this box for review.

Mask Box September 2016 Review

Mask Box September 2016 Review

Mask Box is a Korean mask subscription.  Boxes are $10.00/month and each shipment will contain three mask.  When you subscribe, you choose the type of masks you want.  You can choose from: hydration, brightening, anti-aging, or a combo box.

 If three masks aren't enough, grab a double hydration, brightening or anti-aging subscription for $20.00/month and you will get 6 masks.  There is also a double combo box for $20.00/month.

If you want more luxury mask, you can get a luxury subscription for $20.00/month.  The luxury subscription includes 2 masks that range from 3 step masks and masks that contain bamboo or hydrogel.  Double luxury subscriptions contain the same kind of mask, but you will get 4 masks for $40.00/month.

The Details

Cost Masks start at $10.00/month.  Double Mask Subscription – $20.00/month, Luxury – $20.00/month, Double Luxury – $40.00/month.

What's in the box? Each month you will get a selection of masks that are based on the type of subscription you choose.

Shipping USA at this time but International shipping is coming.

Mask Box

Mask Box comes in a folded envelope.  I received the three mask subscription for review.

Mask Directions

There was a card on top that gives directions on how to use the masks in the package.

Mask Directions:

  1.  Wash your face thoroughly. Feel free to apply toner to your skin if you have this.
  2. Carefully pull out the sheet mask. Place it on your face by first aligning the mask through the eye holes.  Relax for 15-20min. while the essence soaks into your skin.
  3. Remove the mask and gently pat the remaining essence into your skin with your fingers. No rinsing needed.

Yumei Water Glow Skin Renewal Facial Mask

Yumei Water Glow Skin Renewal Facial Mask This mask works to give you firm skin with elasticity.  This mask hydrates with Hyaluronic Acid and whitens age spots with AA2G.  Finally this mask boots collagen to erase fine lines.

Jeju Farm Red Ginseng Mask

Jeju Farm Red Ginseng Mask This is a hypo-allergenic mask that contains red ginseng to turn rough tired skin into smooth beautiful skin.

Rainbow L'Affair 3-Step Vitamin Skin Renewal Mask

Rainbow L'Affair 3-Step Vitamin Skin Renewal Mask This is a three-step mask to hydrate dry skin and improve elasticity.

  • Step 1: Facial Foaming Cleanser Apply the cleanser to your face and rinse
  • Step 2: High Functional Ampoule Apply your own toner and then apply the ampoule and let your skin absorb.
  • Step 3: Vitamin C Skin Renewal Mask Apply the sheet mask to your face and leave on for 15-20 mins.  Once complete, apply the remaining essence into your skin.

Mask Box September 2016 Review

Final Thought I like the mask in my package this month.  The three-step mask was my favorite and it made my skin feel great.  I like that this subscription offers many different subscription choices, so you can get masks you like.  If you want a mask subscription, you can check out Mask Box.

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