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Calendar August 10, 2016 08/10/16 AuthorBy Subscription Box Mom Comments 0 Comments 0

Enchanted Crystal August 2016 Review – Rock Subscription Box

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Enchanted Crystal August 2016 Review

Enchanted Crystal August 2016 Review

Enchanted Crystal is a subscription box filled with rocks and crystals.  Boxes start at $28.00 and are filled with 3 – 6 small to medium rocks and crystals.  The $58.00 box is filled with 4 – 8 small to large rocks and crystals.  Regardless of which box you choose, you will get a hand-made cloth crystal grid and mini crystals and rocks, in addition to the bigger rocks and crystals.

The Details

Cost: $28.00/month for the small box. $58.0/month for the large box.

What's in the box? Each box comes with 3-8 rocks and crystals (depending on the box). a cloth crystal grid and bonus mini crystals and rocks.

Enchanted Crystal

Everything came in a cute little box.

First Look

First Look

Hand-made cloth crystal grid

Hand-made cloth crystal grid Every box comes with a new crystal grid.  My son loves probably won't use this, since he just loves collecting rocks and crystals.

Orthoclase Crystal

Orthoclase Crystal This is called the stone of rejuvenation.  This works to relieve tension and balance your chakra.  While this is a crystal, it is not as “sparkly” as other crystals my son owns.  This is an interesting piece and something different from anything else he has.

Orthoclase Crystal

Here is a look at the bottom of the piece!


Amethyst Cluster

Amethyst Cluster Amethyst is one of my personal favorites and this is the biggest piece my son owns.  Bigger pieces like these are great for display or as a paperweight.  Amethyst is a stone of spirit can you can use it to bring peace to your life.


Petalite These three stones are petalite.  They look like quartz, but this stone is a but more expensive.  This is a stone for protection and spirituality.  You can also use this during meditation to cleanse the atmosphere.

Fairy Quartz

Fairy Quartz This is another beautiful stone.  It's shines in the sunlight and reminds me of rock candy.  In meditation, this can be used to get a deeper meditation and is affiliated with the crown chakra.

Orange Quartz

Orange Quartz The orange in this quartz was formed by hematite.  This stone helps you balance emotions.  Aside from the beautiful amethyst, this was my son's other favorite piece in the box.

Mystery Bag:

Mystery Bag: This little bag comes in every box, though the contents will vary.  In this bag, we received: peacock ore, black tourmaline, rhodonite, and rose quartz.  This would look pretty in a little vile and worn around your neck as a necklace.


Final Thought: This was a really fun subscription for my son.  He is an avid rock/crystal collector, so he loved getting new pieces for his collection.  I thought the price was reasonable for what was in the box.  The definitely beats those giant bins of multicolored rocks.  If you want to subscribe, check out Enchanted Crystal.

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