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Calendar July 2, 2016 07/02/16 AuthorBy Subscription Box Mom Comments 0 Comments 0

Mine Chest June 2016 “Nether” Minecraft Review + July 2016 Spoilers

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Mine Chest June 2016 "Nether" Minecraft Review

Mine Chest June 2016 “Nether” Minecraft Review

Mine Chest is a new Official Minechest subscription box.  Boxes are $29.99/month and filled with exclusive merchandise, t-shirts, toys and more. Each month comes with an exclusive shirt, along with  Minecraft Toys, Collectibles, Minecraft DIY Crafting Recipes, and exclusive Minecraft items available to Mine Chest subscribers first! My son loves Minecraft, so we picked up a 6 month subscription.

The Details:

Cost: $29.99/month

Shipping: US $7.00, Canada $15.00, $20.00 International

Mine Chest

Mine Chest comes in a cool box.  L saved his box from last month and has stored his Mine Craft items in it.


First Look.  The inside of the box fit with the Nether theme.


The postcard was really cool this month.  “The Nether” was a holographic and the edges of the post card looked like they had been burned.

Information Card

The back of the postcard gave an introduction to this month's box.

Minecraft T-Shirt

Minecraft T-Shirt The t-shirt this month was black with I “heart” Nether on it.  My son really liked the shirt and it's something he wants to wear.  I like this month's shirt better than last month's.

Minecraft End Stone Series

Minecraft End Stone Series $5.99 each. L has some Minecraft mystery minis, but I haven't seen this series in the store.  L received the baby horse and Alex (with shield).

Minecraft Minecart

Minecraft Minecart I haven't seen these in stores but my son has heard of them.  Hot Wheels partnered with Minecraft to create various minecarts.


Sticker Each box contains a sticker.  This month, it was a warning sticker “Do Not Hit The Zombie Pigmen”.  This is going on my son's door.

Ghast Stamp

Ghast Stamp The stamp this month was on a Nether themed wooden block with a rubber Ghast stamp on the side.  It also came with a little stamp pad.  My son really liked this month's stamp.

Ghast Stamp

This is a look at the stamp.

Ghast Kite

The last item in the box was a crafting recipe for a Ghast Kite.  The recipe is printed on a thin piece of wood.

Ghast Kite

To make the kite, you need paper, wooden rods, tape, string, scissors, ruler and a marker.  My son really wants to put this together, so we have a fun weekend project to do.

Mine Chest June 2016 "Nether" Minecraft Review

Final Thought: My son really liked this month's box, far more than last months.  I liked that there were three toys, plus the stamp in the box.  My son liked everything, which is what I want in a box for my son.  You can check out Mine Chest here.  The theme for the July box is “Survive the Night”.

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