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Calendar July 10, 2016 07/10/16 AuthorBy Subscription Box Mom Comments 0 Comments 0

Irish Taste Club July 2016 Review + Coupon

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.

Irish Taste Club July 2016 Review

Irish Taste Club July 2016 Review

Irish Taste Club is an artisan food subscription that specializes in Irish food.  Each box is $49.00 and comes with 7-9 sweet and savory products like baking mixes, chocolates, and artisan jams.  In addition to great products, each box contains an information card with recipes on how to use the products.

The Details:

Cost: $49.00, $45.00/month for 3 months, $40.00/month for 6 months.

Coupon: Use the coupon subscriptionboxmom10 to save 10%.

What's in the box?  Each box contains 7-9 sweet and savory products like baking mixes, chocolates, and artisan jams.

Irish Taste Club

Irish Taste Club shipped in a large, heavy box.

First Look

First Look.  Everything was packaged so nicely.  Everything was also covered with pieces of burlap.

Irish Taste Club Recipes

There was a two-sided information sheet on top of the box.  One side featured two yummy recipes: Potato Bread and Granola Fruit Crisp.  I must make the fruit crisp this week!


The back side of the sheet had a list and description of everything in the box.

Maria Lucia Bakes Cranberry Coconut & Chia Seed Granola

Maria Lucia Bakes Cranberry Coconut & Chia Seed Granola  You will have a hearty breakfast with this granola.  it's a mix of cranberry, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, honey, vanilla rapeseed oil, coconut and chia seeds.  This granola won the best cereal at the Irish Quality Food and Drink Awards.  My dad loves getting all my coconut treats, so this will go to him.

Ballymaloe Original Tomato Sauce

Ballymaloe Original Tomato Sauce This is made with peeled plum tomato and is made for burgers, sandwiches, cheese, and sausage.  This wasn't listed on my information card, so I think this is a replacement for the Ed Hick's Bacon Jam.  We love a good burger in our house, so I am sure this will be tried soon.

Keogh's Shamrock and Sour Cream Crisps

Keogh's Shamrock and Sour Cream Crisps These chips are hand cooked chips and are in the flavor shamrock and sour cream.  I am guessing the shamrock is “onion”.  These are also have some milk, cheese and rapeseed oil in theme.  They have a cheesy/oily, (not greasy), sour cream and onion taste.  I opened them to taste one and sadly, they are all gone now.  I am going to have to grab these online, the next time I need chips.

Skelling Chocolate Company Citrus Truffles

Skelling Chocolate Company Citrus Truffles I couldn't find this exact package online, because this has 175g and online packages have 120g.  These are basically gourmet white chocolate cubes with lemon zest flavoring.  I wouldn't choose to eat white chocolate on its own, but with lemon, these are amazing.


Foods of Athenry Flapjacks Just Oats These are little bars made with gluten free oats, vegetable margarine, brown sugar, golden syrup and ginger.  My husband was reluctant to try this, but said they were “really good, surprisingly good”.  He is like me and only eats one type of granola bar.  So for him to say these are good, is a big compliment.

S.D Bell's Belfast Tea bags

S.D Bell's Belfast Tea bags This box has 25 tea bags of Belfast tea, which is a black tea mix of Indiana and Kenyan teas.  Irish Taste Club recommends drinking this with the flapjacks above.

Newgrange Gold Rapeseed Oil

Newgrange Gold Rapeseed Oil This oil is the Irish version of olive oil, only healthier.  If you noticed in my review, two of the products are made with rapeseed oil.  Like olive oil, you can cook with this, or use it for salads.


Final Thought: This was a yummy taste experience.  Coming from a picky eater, I have continued to be impressed with the different products Irish Taste Club sends.  The flapjacks, and chips were the highlights in this box.  If you want to subscribe, use this link with the  coupon subscriptionboxmom10 to save 10%.

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