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Calendar July 5, 2016 07/05/16 AuthorBy Subscription Box Mom Comments 0 Comments 0

Bocandy International June 2016 Review + Coupon

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.  I received this box for review.

Bocandy International June 2016 Review

Bocandy International June 2016 Review

Bocandy is a subscription service that features candy and snacks from all over the world.  They recently added some new boxes, so there are even more boxes to choose from.The International Bocandy box is $15.00 month to month and is filled with 6 – 9 candies and snacks.  For a bit more, there is the Big Snack Box, for $21.00, which has hard-to-find imported and specialty candies, snacks, and beverages (beverages are not ever month).   The International The Asian snack box comes with $30.00 of treats for $21.00 from Japan, South Korea, and other Asian countries.  The biggest box is Premium box for $40.00, which has over 20 international and domestic snacks.  Finally, there is a Quarterly Chocolate Box for $40.00, which has 10 premium chocolate bars.  I received the International Snack Box for review.

The Details:

Cost; All of these boxes offer discounts for longer subscriptions

  • The International Bocandy Box $15.00/month to month.
  • Big Snack Box, $21.00/month.
  • The Asian snack Box $21.00/month
  • Premium box $40.00/month
  • Quarterly Chocolate Box $40.00/month

What’s in the box.

  • The International Bocandy Box Boxes are filled with 6-9 or 3-4 candies and snacks, depending on which plan you choose.
  • Big Snack Box, hard-to-find imported and specialty candies, snacks, and beverages (beverages are not ever month).
  • The Asian snack Box $30.00 worth of candies from Japan, South Korea, and other Asian countries
  • Premium box Over 20 international and domestic snacks.
  • Quarterly Chocolate Box 10 premium chocolate bars from all over the world.

Shipping: Free.


Bocandy ships in a little red and white striped box.

Goralki Wafers (Poland)

Goralki Wafers (Poland) These layers of wafers are flavored with chocolate and coconut.  I have had this before but the non-coconut version and it was really good.

Stobi Flips (Macedonia)

Stobi Flips (Macedonia) These puffed snacks have a salty peanut taste.  The texture is similar to a Cheeto and the peanut taste is pretty natural tasty.  These were really good and I loved them.

Dutch Bakery Windmill Cookie (Holland)

Dutch Bakery Windmill Cookie (Holland) These cookies are similar to a ginger snap but a bit milder.  These tasted great crumbled over some vanilla ice cream.

 Chocolate Chip Smart Energy Cookie

 Chocolate Chip Smart Energy Cookie This has the equivalent of one energy shot.  The cookie was super soft, with huge chunks of chocolate chips.

Fruity candy

From left to right

Ki Ki Fruit Candies (Croatia) These chewy, fruity candies taste very similar to Starburst.  I have thrown some in my purse for some extra snacking.

Fruit Filled Candies (Croatia)  These hard candies are fruity and filled with a chewy filling.
Brohni Toffee (Croatia) These have a licorice flavor, but there is a menthol taste with it.
Final Thought: This was a tasty box and there were several snacks for the $15.00 cost.  I really
enjoyed all the fruit treats in the box.   You can get 52% off your first box with this link and the

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