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All about monthly subscription box reviews.
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Calendar June 7, 2016 06/07/16 AuthorBy Subscription Box Mom Comments 2 Comments 2

Game Box Monthly May 2016 Review + Coupon

Disclosure: I received this box for review. This post contains affiliate links.

Game Box Monthly May 2016 Review

Game Box Monthly May 2016 Review

Game Box Monthly is a game subscription box that is only $25.00/month (plus shipping).  Each month, you will get games 2lbs or less that are unique and not well known.  Game Box Monthly also ships internationally!

The Details:

Cost: $25.00/month, $24.00/month for 3 months, $24.00/month for 6 months.

Coupon Use the coupon SBOX3 to save $3.00.

Shipping: USA $5.50, Canada $10.00, Internationally $20.00

What's in the box? Each month you will get games under 2lbs that are unique and not well known.

Update: I was sent two boxes in the same box, so I have updated my review below to reflect each box.

Game Box Monthly

Game Box Monthly shipped in a little brown box.

First Look

First Look

Box 1: Game Bands and Fisticuffs Game

A Broken Token Box Band-its

A Broken Token Box Band-its $5.00 est These bands go around your game boxes, to keep everything together.  This also work great for boxes that are falling apart.


There was a 10″ band, 2 8″ bands and a small 4″ band,

small band it

I used the small one of a deck of cards.

Fisticuffs - A Card Game

Fisticuffs – A Card Game $20.00 This has similar elements to UNO, only this is a fighting game.  You take turns throwing jabs and blocking,  You can even bring in other people to help you.  There are points on the cards that help determine how many points you earn.

Player cards

When you start playing, you selected one of 8 players.


This is a look at the game's detailed cards

Final Thought for Box 1: This box had a total value of $25.00, which is right in line with the cost of the box.  I really enjoyed Fisticuffs and the bands are very useful for some of my games that are falling apart. If you want to try Game Box Monthly, use this link with the coupon SBOX3 to save $3.00.

Box 2: Artifacts Game

Artifacts Board Game

Artifacts Board Game $20.50 This is a game that uses dice to represent archaeologists and your mission is to collect artifacts and sell them to museums for reputation triggers.

Artifacts Game Pieces

This is a look at all the game pieces.


Final Thought for box 2: This box had a total value of $20.50, which is a bit less than the cost of the box.  I generally like to see at least an even value with subscriptions.  This is a unique game I wouldn't have know about if not for this subscription, so the value isn't horrible.  If you want to try Game Box Monthly, use this link with the coupon SBOX3 to save $3.00.  This makes the subscription even cheaper.

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2 Comment(s)

  1. Alex Parton, June 8, 2016:

    This is very much a misrepresentation of this service. To most other people not reviewing this they received only Artifacts Inc. and the bands which brings it to a total of $25.50 value. The value I’m getting here is .50 cents, and actually losing money due to shipping costs (normally free shipping with Amazon Prime). The bands are neat, but I’d prefer games only for a service that I’m paying to blindly get a game. I would say in order for this to be a fair review they should be sending you a box that is identical to what people are actually getting. This is clearly a box to boost a score. I would suggest getting another box from them for a new and accurate review.

    That being said while I very much enjoyed Artifacts Inc, it is took three boxes to finally get one that was enjoyable. The first box was a mess, (Chosun), and the second box was nothing near my preference list (time jockeys). Even enjoying artifacts Inc I wouldn’t say it was either, but at least it was playable as two players while the others were not after claiming to be. Well I suppose you could, but it definitely wasn’t enjoyable.

    The idea of this is cool, and I truly want to like it, but at this point I just can’t. I have actually recently cancelled this service (accidentally got a 4th month) and don’t plan to return. Based on the value I have seen from it, it is better to do research and purchase. If anything I can just look around Twitter and Facebook on what games people are actually getting from this service and purchase it on my own and most likely cheaper.

  2. Subscription Box Mom, June 14, 2016:

    I talked with the company and they sent me two boxes in one, but there wasn’t any note to me there was more than one box. I am updating the review with the accurate information. The Artifacts game is box 1 like you mentioned.

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