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All about monthly subscription box reviews.
Calendar June 22, 2016 06/22/16 AuthorBy Subscription Box Mom Comments 0 Comments 0

Candy German June 2016 Review

Disclosure: This box was received free for review.

Candy German June 2016 Review

Candy German June 2016 Review

Candy German is â‚¬29.00/month, which is around $31.28 USD.  Each month, Mark and Natascha (the founders) pack the best tasting German treats in their boxes each month.  Of all the boxes I review monthly, Candy German is consistently amazing.

The Details:

Cost:  €29.00 Euros (Around $31.28).

What's in the box? Every box from Candy German you receive will be filled with quality candies picked by hand and made in Germany.  Each box will have 6-8 items.

When does the box ship?  The box ships the 15th of the month.  It may take up to 15 days to find the box.

How do I cancel?  You cancel with your account.

Website: https://candygerman.com

Candy German

Candy German ships candy straight from Germany.

First Look

First Look

Hitschler Hitschies Kaubonbon Dragees

Hitschler Hitschies Kaubonbon Dragees These fruity candies have a hard/crunchy outer shell and chewy candy in the middle.  Some subscribers received the sour version, but I received the classic flavors: strawberry, lemon, orange, and apple.  These were one of my family's favorite treats from the box

Dr. Quendt Original Dinkelchen

Dr. Quendt Original Dinkelchen These are made with a variety of ingredients including Russian bread and milk chocolate.  These are in the form of letter A's and taste similar to chocolate covered alphabet cereal.  I really liked these!

Coppenrath Friesen Blätter

Coppenrath Friesen Blätter These cookies are a buttery cookie made with coconut flakes and lemon.  I was really hesitant to try these, because these contain coconut, but they turned out be to be very tasty.  My husband thought they tasted a bit like cotton candy, while I thought they had a cinnamon and sugar flavor.  In any event, they were really good.

Fritt Cola + Orange

Fritt Cola + Orange This chewy strips are made with cola and orange.  As you chew, you taste both flavors, which makes for an interesting treat.  There were 6 bars in the pack and they were really good.

Lorenz NicNacs

Lorenz NicNacs These are candy coated peanuts with a hint of spice.  We can't keep opened peanuts in our house, so my husband will be taking these to work.

Milka Tender Milch

Milka Tender Milch This was the other favorite in the box, at least for me.  This is similar to a Swiss Roll, but made with yellow cake inside.  I really could've ate a few more of these.

Haribo Maoam Tropical Bloxx

Haribo Maoam Tropical Bloxx This package contains several smaller packages of little chews, similar to how Now and Laters are packaged.  This pack contains banana, pomegranate, coconut-pineapple, mango-mandarin, and passion fruit.  These were really good and my kids enjoyed them too.

Candy German

Final Thought: This was another outstanding box.  Every single box I receive from Candy German is great.  I always open the box as soon as it arrives, because I can't wait to taste the new candy. You can try Candy German with this link and try all the great things Candy German sends every month.

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