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Calendar May 31, 2016 05/31/16 AuthorBy Subscription Box Mom Comments 0 Comments 0

VogueTote May 2016 Review + Coupon

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.  I received this box for review.

VogueTote May 2016 Review

VogueTote May 2016 Review

VogueTote  is a jewelry and purse rental service.  There are three different subscriptions: jewelry ($21.00/month), jewelry and mini handbags ($29.99/month) and jewelry and all handbags ($40.00/month).  When you sign up, you fill out a style profile and wait for your box.  Once you receive your items, wear them , and send them back as often as you wish.  You will be charged the same day each month (the day you created your subscription. You ship your items back free or if you can't part with them, you can purchase them for 20% off retail.

Cost: $21.00/month Jewelry, $29.99/month Jewelry and Mini handbag, $29.99/month Jewelry and all handbags.

What's in the box.  Depending on what plan you choose, you get:

  • For $21/month , customers can join VogueTote unlimited jewelry plan to receive 3-4 pieces of jewelry in each set. You can return to get a new set and keep enjoying designer jewelry!
  • For $29.99 / month you get access to unlimited jewelry and designer mini handbags that are worth up to $200 mrp. You get a designer handbag every alternate VogueTote set. In your first set you get a mini handbag and 2 piece of jewelry, 2nd set 4-5 pieces of jewelry, 3rd set again 2-piece jewelry and a mini handbag and so on.
  • For $40/month you get access to all designer handbags and in each set you receive 1 handbag and two pieces of jewelry.


Everything shipped in a polymailer bag.

voguetote wrapping

Everything was in a bag and wrapped in bubble wrap.

VogueTote Bag

This is the bag everything was packaged in.

information card

There was a card listing directions on how VogueTote works, a card letting subscribers know they were getting a free scarf and an information card listing everything in the box.  VogueTote lists how much you can purchase each item for.

VogueTote First Look

Each piece of jewelry was individually wrapped.

scarf packaging

The scarf was packaged in a clear envelope.

coral and gold chiffon scarf

As a free gift, VogueTote send a coral and gold chiffon scarf.  The scarf has golden peacocks and individual feathers, all over the scarf.  This isn't something I would normally wear, but it is nice to get a free gift.


Each piece of jewelry was individually wrapped.

Wanderlust + Co Box Pave Silver Cuff

Wanderlust + Co Box Pave Silver Cuff Buy Price $39.00  I love this silver cuff, because his had a hinge, which lets the cuff have a smaller opening.  The end of the cuff has a silver and rhinestone square.

Wanderlust + Co X Double silver Ring

Wanderlust + Co X Double silver Ring Buy Price: $31.00 This ring is beautiful and I might have kept it, but it wasn't my size.  I thought I put my correct size into my quiz, but I might have made a mistake.  In any case, the ring is a beautiful piece.

Rebecca Minkoff Leo Clutch

Rebecca Minkoff Leo Clutch Buy Price $75.00 This clutch is a beautiful coral color and is trimmed in gold.  I love Rebecca Minkoff, so I would've been happy with any purse.

inside look

Inside the purse, there were several pockets for credit cards.

Rebecca Minkoff

The back of the purse has Rebecca Minkoff's name across the top.

VogueTote envelope

When you are ready to send back your items, pack them up in the return envelope and stick on the return address.


Final Thought: This is the first subscription I have found, that lets you rent purse.  I have a love of nice purses, so this is a great way to change your look, without spending the money for a new purse.  Other than the size of the ring, the jewelry was perfect for my style.  If you want to try VogueTote, use this link with the code VT25, to save 25% on your 1st month.

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