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Calendar May 29, 2016 05/29/16 AuthorBy Subscription Box Mom Comments 0 Comments 0

Mine Chest May 2016 “Premier” Minecraft Review + June Theme Spoiler

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Mine Chest May 2016 "Premier" Minecraft Review

Mine Chest May 2016 “Premier” Minecraft Review

 Mine Chest is a new Official Minechest subscription box.  Boxes are $29.99/month and filled with exclusive merchandise, t-shirts, toys and more.  Each month comes with an exclusive shirt, along with  Minecraft Toys, Collectibles, Minecraft DIY Crafting Recipes, and exclusive Minecraft items available to Mine Chest subscribers first! My son loves Minecraft, so we picked up a 6 month subscription.

The Details:

Cost: $29.99/month

Shipping: US $7.00, Canada $15.00, $20.00 International

Mine Chest Box

Everything shipped in this cool Minecraft box.

First Look

First Look.  There was a t-shirt and a post card on top.  The postcard gave a welcome to the box.  The theme for this first box is “The Beta Age”.

Mine Chest Packaging

The top items were on a little shelf that lifted up.

Mine Chest goodies

Everything else in the box was underneath.

Creeper Mug

Creeper Mug This mug is made of a lightweight rubber/plastic material.  It's pretty cute and my son had decided to use it for small trinkets and treasures.

Wooden Stamp and Ink Pad

Wooden Stamp and Ink Pad This is stamp and ink pad set.  The stamp is made of a wooden block and there is a Minecraft rubber design to stamp.  My son is having a Minecraft birthday party, so we will use this to make the Thank You notes (invites already ordered).

Minecraft Shirt

Minecraft Shirt This brown shirt has the Minecraft logo with the finally Beta graphic on it.  This is a classic take on the Minecraft logo.  Shirts are always great to get in a subscription, because it a very useful item.  I like that each Mine Chest comes with a new shirt (children and adult sizes).

Changelog This is a little book to document the changes to make to your environment/world.

Minecraft notebook

There are many pages the book, so you can make sections for different areas: caves, your house etc.  This is a nice way to keep track of new things your add or build.  I think some grid paper in the back would've been even better, so you could plan your future builds.

Minecraft Sticker

Minecraft Sticker The exclusive sticker was a clear sticker that read “This is a sticker”.  This sticker is a take on the labeling aspect of Minecraft.

Minecraft Foil Sticker Pack

Minecraft Foil Sticker Pack $2.99 This pack contains three Minecraft stickers.  The stickers are collectible, so may more packs will be in future boxes.

DIY recipe

There was a piece of wood with a DIY recipe to craft your own Minecraft cave from an empty box.  The recipe was printed on a think piece of balsa wood, rather than a piece of paper, which was a unique touch.

Mine Chest May 2016 Review

Final Thought:  This was the first box from Mine Chest and while there were some things I wish were included, it was an interesting box. The mug was my son's favorite item in the box.  I like that the mug is light, so you can easily drink from it or store things in it.  I wish there was a figure or toy included in this box, but maybe that will come in next month's box.  I think the box itself is a pretty neat part of this box.  My son has already filled it with Minecraft items.  You can check out Mine Chest here.  The theme for the June box is “The Nether”.   My son is hoping for something about Magna Cubes and Zombies.  My son is really excited about the theme.

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