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Calendar May 23, 2016 05/23/16 AuthorBy Subscription Box Mom Comments 0 Comments 0

KidBox May 2016 Boy Review

Disclosure: This box was received free for review.

KidBox May 2016 Boy Review

KidBox May 2016 Boy Review

KidBox is a new clothing subscription box for children.  When you sign up, you will fill out a questionnaire about your child's likes and dislikes.  You will be sent 6-7 name brand clothing pieces for $98.00 total.  When you get your box, you have 7 days to decide to keep, exchange sizes or not purchase pieces.  If you keep the whole box, your card will be charged $98.00 and KidBox will donate clothes to a child in need.  You may select to keep only one or two pieces, or none at all, just be sure to make your selections within the 7 days.  I love that there is no obligation to buy anything.

KidBox Brands

This is a list of many of the brands featured in KidBox.

The Details

Cost: $98.00/box for 6-7 clothing pieces.  You may buy the pieces individually.

What's in the box?  Your child will get 6-7 clothing pieces based on your child's preferences.


All the clothes shipped by FedEx and arrived in a sturdy box.

first look

First Look.  There was a packet of information, a surprise ball and the clothes were wrapped in tissue paper.

KidBox Information Booklet

There was a packet of information in a clear envelope. There were two sheets of letter stickers and an information booklet for the box.

Information Booklet

The information booklet contains a list of all the clothing items in the box, along with the price you will pay for keeping each piece.  If you keep the whole box, you only pay $98.00.

How KidBox Works

The back of the information booklet has a breakdown on how KidBox works.

return bag

You are given a bag with a return address label, so you can send back any items you wish.

Color the box

There was also a pack of crayons included.  The inside of the box is designed for your child to color.

surprise ball

There was a fun surprise ball in the box, filled with little treasures for your child.

surprise ball unraveled

The ball was made of strips of a paper that my son loved to unravel.

surprise ball toys

Inside the ball was a mini deck of card, alien with parachute, and a stick on mustache.


Paper Denim & Cloth Boys Hooded Raglan Top List Price $30.00, KidBox Price $20.00 This was one of my favorite pieces in the box.  The fabric is super soft and the hood is lined with a dark blue/star pattern.

My son and the hoodie

My son sporting the hood.  As you can see, my son is a skinny little guy.  Man what would I give for his metabolism.

shirt without the hood

Shirt without the hood.


Lucky Boys Cargo Knit Short List Price $30.00, KidBox Price $20.00 I mentioned that my son was skinny and needed adjustable pants.  While these had elastic, they were still too big for him.  His jeans are a 7s, but these shorts (size 6) were still too big.  I am exchanging them for a 5.  I am still not sure if he will be able to wear them with the elastic waist, but I can always save them for my younger son.

Diesel Boys Crew Neck Graphic Tee

Diesel Boys Crew Neck Graphic Tee List Price $30.00, KidBox Price $22.00 I generally avoid white t-shirts for my kids like the plague.  This shirt is cute and my son likes it.  I will just be careful where he wears it.

Diesel Shirt

The Diesel shirt seemed to fit a bit smaller than the other shirts in the box.

Free Planet Crew Neck Tee

Free Planet Crew Neck Tee List Price $24.00, KidBox Price $22.00 I really like the blue color of this shirt and the geometric pattern adds a fun detail to the shirt.

Free Planet Shirt

I love this color on him and my son likes the shirt (win win).

REEBOK Boys Graphic Performance Tee 

REEBOK Boys Graphic Performance Tee List Price $30.00, KidBox Price $22.00 This was my son's favorite shirt! It's a stretchy polyester shirt that is great for active wear.  My son had another shirt similar that he outgrew, so he was thrilled to have a new shirt in his size.

REEBOK Boys Graphic Performance Tee

This is my son sporting the shirt.


7 For All Mankind Boys Cargo Short


Final Thought: This was a great box!  I am exchanging sizes for the shorts, but it was not the fault of KidBox.  My son loved the clothes, especially that Reebok shirt.  The cost of keeping all the items in the box, works out to around $16.33/item.  As a mom who doesn't love to shop with kids, this is a great subscription for me.  If you want to try KidBox, use this link.  Remember, you choose what you buy!

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