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Calendar May 18, 2016 05/18/16 AuthorBy Subscription Box Mom Comments 0 Comments 0

GlobeIn May 2016 Artisan Subscription Review + Coupon

 Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.

GlobeIn May 2016 Artisan Subscription Review

GlobeIn May 2016 Artisan Subscription Review

GlobeIn theme for May is “Hydrate”.  This month, GlobeIn has partnered with Water.org, an international nonprofit that pioneers safe water and sanitation solutions around the world.Boxes are $40.00 month to month and filled with handmade items from all over the world.  I love the quality of the items in my GlobeIn boxes.  You also find out about where each item comes from and who made it. You can save $10.00 on your first box of a three-month subscription, just use the coupon WELCOME.

GlobeIn has already started to add great features to their boxes and more are rolling out soon.  Here is a complete list!

  • Choose your Artisan Box theme (already implemented)
  • Skip a month at any time (already implemented)
  • Set your Artisan Box preferences in your Subscription Settings (already implemented)
  • Choose your basket color (coming soon!)
  • Opt-in to receive a different item instead of a basket (already implemented!)
  • Customize the color and design of your Artisan Box products (coming soon!)

GlobeIn has also has a Benefit Basket.   The Benefit Basket contains one crafted good from a remarkable, remote artisan, all in a colorful, handwoven basket from their weaving collective in Oaxaca, Mexico.  You will also get story of the artisan, their community, and how you are making an impact on their lives.  The Benefit Basket is $19.95/month or $56.95 for 3 months, but you can get $7.00 off your 1 box of a 3 month subscription with the code TRYBENEFIT

GlobeIn Box

Everything shipped in a large box this month.

Neil Barringham quote

The side of the box had a quote “The grass is greener where you water it” – Neil Barringham.

First Look

First Look

Information Booklet

The information book has detailed information about everything in the box.

Trashy Bags Upcycled Tote

Trashy Bags Upcycled Tote, Ghana $15.00 This bag fold into a portable pouch and is made from 70 recycled drinking water sachets.  It can hold up to around 40 lbs, which makes it a great bag to take grocery shopping.  Most people buy their water in sachets instead of bottles, but end up throwing away the sachets, which let to a problem with littering.  This company helps to recycle the bags and gives a great place to work for women.

Trashy Bags Upcycled Tote

This is a full look at the bag.  Once it is unzipped, the outside of the pouch, becomes the base of the bag.

Hand Blown Mexican Glass

Hand Blown Mexican Glass $15.00 This glass vessel is my favorite item in the box.  It's made by hand by 8-14 people and has a textured iridescent finish.  I have a family friend who makes blown glass, so I have a deep appreciation for the work that goes into crafting a piece.  You can use this as a vase, or as a big cup for ice water.

Zambeezi Lip Balm

Zambeezi Lip Balm, Zambia $3.00 This is made with beeswax and exotic mungongo oil from rural forests in central Africa.  The owner of the company, Kohona works to improve his community through his business, from employing widows to working on building an orphanage.

Conscious Coconut Oil

Conscious Coconut Oil, Thailand $15.00 While I don't love coconut, coconut oil is a fabulous product.  I have received it in different forms from subscription boxes and I love all the uses.  You can use this on your body, hair, as oil pulling or to cook with.  This bottle is going to be reserved for my hair.  I love that it adds moisture, without making my hair feel greasy.


Brass Bottle Stopper from South Africa $10.00 GlobeIn is working to give subscribers more control over their subscription.  One of their new options is giving subscribers the choices of their hand-woven baskets or a featured product each month.  This month's product is this brass bottle stopper.  These stoppers are made by the company Roots, which sounds like a great place to work,  People are paid a fair wage, all while laughing and enjoying each other's company as they work.  New people are higher from different employees friends and family.


Final Thought: This box had a total value of $58.00 and even better, everything was useful.  I love getting quality items that are unique, but also practical in my day-to-day life.  The glass vessel was my favorite item this month and I would love to pick up another one.  You can save $10.00 on your first box of a three-month subscription, just use the coupon GLOBEMOM10.

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