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All about monthly subscription box reviews.
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Calendar April 16, 2016 04/16/16 AuthorBy Subscription Box Mom Comments 0 Comments 0

Sapphire Soul April 2016 Review + Coupon + May Spoiler

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.  I received this box for review.

Sapphire Soul April 2016 Review

Sapphire Soul April 2016 Review

Sapphire Soul is a subscription that focuses on holistic health, positive energy and helping you bring out the best in your soul.  Boxes are $49.00/month and filled with products to try, nuggets of wisdom and “soul work” to do throughout the month.  They also have a Facebook group you can join and “where YOU can connect, ask + answer questions and focus on YOU”.

There is also a new quarterly box that packs three months of high quality, gorgeous items and packs them in one box.  Shipments will come June, September, December and will cost $189.00/quarter.

The Details:

Cost: $49.00/month

Coupon: Use this link with the coupon THRIVE to get 20% off your first monthly (May) bundle. Expires 4/28/16.

Shipping: Free, additional fees for international subscribers.

What's in the box? Each month, you will receive a box filled with samples to enhance and inspire your body, mind and soul. Items could be from existing or brand new companies; focused on holistic and organic health, metaphysical products, and items good for balancing the energy in your home.  You will get apothecary items, candles, crystals, resource worksheets/guides about crystals and essential oils, teas, jewelry, affirmations, essential oils, products related to holistic and organic wellness, inspirational art, love, positive energy, abundance, inspiration! You can expect a combination of a few of these items and more!n your home.

Shipping:  They ship anywhere in the US

When am I billed? The 14th of the month

apphire blue padded envelope.

The subscription ships in a sapphire blue padded envelope.  The theme for April is “Gypsy Souls”.

What is a gypsy soul? Authentic, free-spirited, grateful. Looking for adventure, seekers, lovers of life, feelings of wanderlust. Creative, believes in truth, freedom and love. Authentic to the core, unapologetic, dreamers, believers in magic. Believers in miracles, capable of miraculous co-creation and living life to the fullest.

Sapphire Soul Signature gem-infused herkimer diamond birthday blend

Sapphire Soul Signature gem-infused herkimer diamond birthday blend $9.00 This blend of herkimer diamonds and essential oils help you connect to the divine.

Herkimer Diamond $4.00-$9.00 (depending on size) These are real Herkimer diamonds and are good healing stones.  These can also hold information until it's needed later.  To use “After cleansing, hold your herkimer for a few minutes and program with your loving intentions. Hold and imagine all things love, miracles + good intentions flowing into your diamond then flowing to you throughout the month when you need the energy most.”  April's birthstone is the diamond, so this was a great item to include in the box.

Jeri Warlick Design Gypsy Teardrop Earrings

Jeri Warlick Design Gypsy Teardrop Earrings $65.00  These earrings are large in size, but rather lightweight.   The turquoise stone is rather powerful and works to help communication, prevent mental anguish, and it protects against accidents and loss.  I really love these earrings and will wear them on fancier occasions.

Jess Kay Designs Art Print

Jess Kay Designs Art Print $18.00 Sapphire Soul sent out three different prints.  I am not sure what the other two prints were, but I really like this butterfly.  This is a print of an actual watercolor painting.


Truthbomb Card from Danielle LaPorte  You can uses these cards as inspiration in your home, but you can also hand these out randomly to strangers.  My card has the quote “your freedom is good for all of us.”.


Set of Ayuverdic oil samples from Neelu Kaur $3.00 (plus coupon)

Amrit: This is a combination of Bergamot, Natural Vanilla, Rosewood, Patchouli, Mandarin, Amyris, Rose and Jojoba oils.  This is called â€œNectar of the Divine” and is tridoshic, so it's soothing for all three doshas.

Yogini Bliss This is a combination of Rose, Natural Vanilla, Ylang, Mandarin, Amyris, Geranium, Cinnamon, Cardamom and Jojoba oils.

My favorite is Amrit!


The quote this month is “Change your thoughts and you'll change your world”.


Final Thought: This box had a total value of over $100.00.  The earrings were my favorite item in the box this month.  I always enjoy reviewing this subscription, because it's very interesting.  If you are curious about Sapphire Soul, you can check them out here and use this link with the coupon THRIVE to get 20% off your first monthly (May) bundle. Expires 4/28/16.

May Spoiler

The May theme is cheeky, Go Smudge Yourself with Soul


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