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Calendar April 1, 2016 04/01/16 AuthorBy Subscription Box Mom Comments 0 Comments 0

Koala Crate March 2016 Review + Half Off Coupon

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Koala Crate March 2016 Review

Koala Crate March 2016 Review

Koala Crate is a subscription for 3-4 year olds.  Boxes are $19.95 and filled with a fun magazine and crafts.  Koala Crate has a partnership with Highlights magazine, so there are fun articles and activities included in the box.  My 3-year-old gets Koala Crate and he loves that he can do crafts just like his older brother.  There are not many subscriptions that are appropriate for 3 year olds.

Koala Crate

Koala Crate ships in a bright yellow box.  The theme for March is “Rainforest”.  I like that the theme is on the front of the box now.

First Look

First Look

Imgaine Magaizne

Koala Crate partners with Highlights Magazine to create Imagine Magazine. The magazine is filled with stories and games, similar to Highlights magazine.

DIY Venus Flytrap

Inside this month's magazine was a DIY Venus Flytrap.

Information Guide

The information guide was much bigger this month.  I like the bigger format, it's much easier to read.

Rainforest guide

Each activity has a key to let parents know how messy it is, how much grownup involvement is needed and what skills the child will learn.

Butterfly Puppet

Butterfly Puppet (Messiness: Low Grownup Involvement: Medium)  This activity lets your child make a caterpillar that turns into a butterfly.

Butterfly Puppet Stickers

There was a butterfly puppet with felt stickers for the spots.
Butterfly Stickers

I tried to get T to make the same pattern on each side, but I let him do all the sticker placement.

Butterfly Puppet

The finished butterfly.


You can turn the butterfly inside out and make a caterpillar.

Musical Rainstick

Musical Rainstick (Messiness: Low Grownup Involvement: Medium) This craft makes a rainstick from a cardboard tube.  There is a leave piece that goes inside, then beads are added for the sound.

Rainstick Supplies

This is all the rainstick materials.  Some of the stickers are saved for the last activity.

Placing the stickers

T loved sticking the stickers.   I had to do some help on the tube insert, mainly to make sure T didn't rip it.


This is the finished rainstick.  It really works and T had fun playing with it.

Balancing Tree Game(

Balancing Tree Game(Messiness: Low Grownup Involvement: Medium)  The last activity was also a game.  The rainstick turns into a tree to play a pom pom game.

balancing tree game materials.

This is all the materials for the pom pom game.

making the tree

Your child makes the branches, adds stickers and uses stickers to attach it to a cap for the rainstick.

Playing the game

After completing the tree, your child uses tweezers to put as many pom poms on the tree as they can.  This is a great activity for fine motor skills.

completed balancing tree game

This is a finished project.  The felt leaf holds all pom poms when you are not playing.

Leaf storage

This is how all the materials fit in the leaf.  I love that there was a storage container included.


Final Thought: This was a really fun subscription and my son had a great time with it.  The butterfly has been played with several times.  T has also asked to play the tree game muliple times and he is getting pretty good with the tweezers.   If you want to subscribe to Koala Crate, or any of the Kiwi Crate subscriptions, use this link and my exclusive code MOM50 to save 50% on any line.

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