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Calendar April 29, 2016 04/29/16 AuthorBy Subscription Box Mom Comments 0 Comments 0

Awakening in a Box March 2016 Review

I received this box for review.

Awakening in a Box March 2016 Review

Awakening in a Box March 2016 Review

Awakening in the Box focuses on sending crystals, stones and other materials to “help you on the journey of awakening.  Boxes are $14/month, plus shipping and come with 3 healing crystals/stones and 1-2 products to fit with the specific theme that month.

The Details 

Cost $14.00/month

Shipping $5.00/USA, $10.00/Canada, $16.00/International

What's in the box? Boxes come with 3 healing crystals/stones and 1-2 products to fit with the specific theme that month.

Awakening in the Box

Everything shipped in a plan white box.

first look

First Look.  There was a little welcome note right on top.

packaging for Awakening in a Box

All the items in the box were individually wrapped, which looked cute and kept items from breaking.


The information card gave an introduction to this month's box.  I was also given a large crystal as an example of what someone would get as one of their giveaway winners/

Air Element Crystals and Minerals

Air Element Crystals and Minerals There were three different minerals and crystals, all designed to work with the element air.

Fluorite This gives you mental clarity and absorbs negative energies.  This also helps to connect you to the spirit.

Blue Calcite This is called the “Stone of the Mind”.  Use this when you are anxious or nervous about something and it will help you relax.  This stone can also help increase memory.  This would be great to keep with you for a test or big meeting.

Opalite This is the “Stone of Eternity”.  This stone can give you psychic abilities if you mediate on the third eye chakra with this.  This stone helps you relax and free your sprint.

Zebra Jasper This balances all chakras and helps you remain optimistic.  This stone helps you “dream big and follow your dreams?”.

crystal information card

There were information cards for each crystal and mineral.

Smudge Kit

Smudge Kit This a Native American tradition where you light the Palo Santa (wood), blow out the flame and use the feather to cleanse a person or room with the smoke.

Crystal Sticker

Crystal Sticker There was a crystal sticker to put in your meditation place or even your journal.

Miss K's Tonics Roll On Perfume Blend 1

Miss K's Tonics Roll On Perfume Blend 1 This is a combination of Neroli, Patchouli, Lavender, Orange and Ylang Ylang.  Each scent has a different purpose and combined this scent works to reduce anxiety, help with memory, and ease insomnia, among other benefits.

Giveaway Example

Giveaway Example  As a subscriber, when you share your box on instagram or Facebook, you will be entered to win a prize.  This Amethyst crystal is an example of what you may receive as a prize.


Final Thought: This was a fun box to review and I like that there were information cards corresponding to everything in the box.  Whether you regularly use crystals or just interested in learning more, this is an affordable subscription to try out.  Use this link to try Awakening in a Box.

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