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Calendar March 1, 2016 03/01/16 AuthorBy Subscription Box Mom Comments 0 Comments 0

WOWBOX The Classic February 2015 Review

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.  I received this box for review.


Hi everyone!  It's Kristi doing a guest review this month!  I love snacks, so I was excited to try out the WOWBOX Classic box this month!

WOWBOX is a Japanese candy subscription starting at $14.99/month.  They have three different themes of boxes: Original Fun & Tasty, Kawaii & Beauty, and The Classic. Once you pick your theme, you choose the size of your box (small, medium and large).  Small boxes are $14.99, medium boxes are $24.99 and large boxes are $34.99.

Original Fun & Tasty boxes are filled with wacky treats and new candies.  Kawaii & Beauty boxes are filled with low-calorie treats that are good for you body and tasty too.  Occasionally, there are beauty items in the box. The Classic is filled with items that are essential Okashi in Japan.   These snacks have been popular for decades.  For all themes, DIY kits will be in medium and large boxes. I was sent The Classic this month.

The Details:

Cost: $14.99 – small, $24.99 – medium, $34.99 – Large

What’s in the box:

  • Original Fun & Tasty boxes are filled with wacky treats, and new candies.
  • Kawaii & Beauty boxes are filled with low-calorie treats that are good for you body and tasty too.  Occasionally, there are beauty items in the box.
  • The Classic is filled items that are essential okashi in Japan.   These snacks have been popular for decades.

Shipping: Boxes ship to more than 70 countries and shipping is free.


WOWBOX ships in a large sturdy box.  The hubs was a little excited and opened it before I could get a pic!

DSC_0404 DSC_0420

I was worried I wouldn't know what I was eating, so I was ecstatic that there was an information sheet in the box!  The information sheet has all the snacks in the box.  There is also a code for each item in the box which indicates if it is in the small, medium or large boxes.  Not pictured, there was a nutritional information sheet which gives the full nutritional breakdown for each snack.


Pocky (Matcha Mix:  I can't lie….These looked scary to me because they were green.  Wow!  They were really good; mild crispy sticks with a sweet chocolaty taste. There are two packets inside with about 15 sticks each.  The whole box is 640 calories, so I need to go through them slowly :)


Pocky:  These looked appetizing!  Crispy chocolate sticks (and only 175 calories for the pack, so more waist friendly!)  Yum!  These had more of a milk chocolate taste over a crispy stick!


Pocky midi (Chubby Chocolate:  Keeping with the chocolate theme, these are a thicker version of the Pocky sticks with fluffier chocolate.  Once again, super yummy and a very accurate description.  More chocolate and a nice buttery taste to the stick.  There are three single packs inside, each with four sticks.


Pie No MI:  Who doesn't like a chocolate pie??  This has a nice little plastic dish inside filled with bite size chocolate pies.  They were flaky, buttery, and had a small chocolate taste in the middle.  You can also microwave the whole thing for 50 seconds for an even yummier taste!


Klnoko No Yama:  These were described as crunchy, mushroom-shaped treats.  They look just like the box….a crunchy stick with a mushroom of chocolate.  It's a nice sized bag with a lot in it!  They were very good as well.


Tsubu Tsubu Strawberry Milk:  Keeping with the sweets, these are bite-sized, crunchy, layered strawberry milk candies.  They were good, but I wish it tasted a little more strawberry.


Fusen No MI (Green Apple):  These are chewy round treats.  They also come in sour apple and yogurt flavor.  The container is like a Tic Tac dispenser except it slides open and shut.  These were very chewy and tasted like a Johnny Appleseed candy (one of my favs!). You could easily keep these in your purse for a little treat :)


Mochi taro Salt:  These were pretty good.  They look like a piece of Cap N Crunch but are a very mild salty snack.


KakI No Tane:  This is a go-to snack in Japan of rice crackers and peanuts.  The smell when I opened it was awesome!  They taste like corn nuts, but are light, crunchy sticks.  Just a little kick to them made it even better.


KarI (Curry):  These are curry flavored crunchy puffs.  Once again, the smell when opening the bag was heavenly!  These are great!  I was worried they'd be too strong because of the curry, but they were perfect!


FuJIya Lemon Squash:  I had to save this for last.  It scared me LOL.  This was denoted as a special item for the box.  There are lots of lemon ingredients and only 15 calories.  It was fizzy, not too pulpy, and tasted like a Mello Yellow.  Very good!


Final Thought:  I was skeptical a bit of a Japanese snack box, but I loved everything.  It was hard not to just keep eating it all at once.  I would definitely recommend trying it!   You can check out WOWBOX with this link.

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