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Calendar March 13, 2016 03/13/16 AuthorBy Subscription Box Mom Comments 0 Comments 0

Konenkii Spring 2016 Box Review + Coupon Code

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.  I received this box for review.

Konenkii Spring 2016 Box Review

Konenkii Spring 2016 Box Review

Konenkii is a subscription box for women, filled with a variety of products to empower, ease and educate.  The box is $49.99/quarter and filled with beauty products, culinary delights, accessories, books, and items designed by Konenkii.  Konenkii focuses on aging gracefully and with humor.

The Details:

Cost: $49.99/quarter

Coupon: Use the coupon MOM10 to save $10.00 on your 1st box.

What’s in the box? The box filled with beauty products, culinary delights, accessories, books, and items designed by Konenkii.


Konenkii changed their boxes from the Winter box, this box was a pretty orange/red branded box.

first look

First Look.  Even from my first look, the box had a spring look to it.

credit card holder

The information card come in a little card.  There was also a branded credit card holder for your cell phone.  Just stick this on your phone and you can carry and ID or credit card with you.  Just don’t lose your phone.

information card

The information card had a list of everything in the box.


Posh Adult Coloring Book: Happy Doodles for Fun & Relaxation: Flora Chang $10.30   This is a beautiful bound adult coloring book and would look great on a coffee table.  There are many pages to color with many different details.

happy doodles

This is a look inside the  book.  I am excited to color this happy little owl.

Colored Pencils 12 Ct

Colored Pencils 12 Ct  There is not a brand listed anywhere on the pencils or box, so I couldn’t get a retail value.  These are more grown up colored pencils that my 6 and 4-year-old will probably not try to take.

Seattle Chocolates Milk Chocolate Truffle Bar and Salted Almond Dark Chocolate Truffle bar with Almonds and Sea Salt

Seattle Chocolates Milk Chocolate Truffle Bar and Salted Almond Dark Chocolate Truffle bar with Almonds and Sea Salt $7.00 for two.  I had to give the milk chocolate bar to my mom, otherwise I would’ve ate both bars.  The dark chocolate bar was creamy with the added flavor of sea salt and almonds.  I really was planning to eat one piece, but it was just too good to stop eating.

Naiad Cherry Blossom Whipped Soap Sugar Scrub

Naiad Cherry Blossom Whipped Soap Sugar Scrub  $5.50  I love whipped body creams so I tried this out right away.  In addition to being one of my favorite scents, this left my skin feeling so soft.  I am going to be purchasing a bigger jar when I use this.

Gessie Konjac Sponge

Gessie Konjac Sponge This can be use for moisturizing purses or in conjunction with your cleanser.  I love using mine with my cleanser.  Since I have had my last one for a while, I took this out of the package.  The string is attached so you can hang this to dry when you are done.


Bracelet  This bracelet is made by Konenkii and is adjustable.  I love the addition of glitter on the pink beads. This is a piece I will wear frequently.

Wildflower Seed Bombs

Wildflower Seed Bombs This is another Konenkii exclusive.  Just soak these in water, plant and you will have wildflowers in 12-14 weeks.  These contain snapdragon, white yarrow, shirley poppy, red prairie coneflower and sweet alyssium seeds.  My kids love the outdoors, so I am going to let my boys plant these.

Recipe Cards

Recipe Cards Each box comes with colorful recipe cards.  The full details about each recipe is on the back of each card.  This month, Konenkii sent recipes for Spring Fruit Fling, Salmon Rolls, Pizza Primavera, and Sunny Lemon Squares.  I am going to try the Spring Fruit Fling salad.  If you read my blog, you know I don’t eat salads.  I actually ate my first salad (berries, greens and almonds) last week and really enjoyed it, so I am gong to try to make a similar one.


Final Thought: This was a really nice box.  There were a few Konenkii exclusives this month, so I couldn’t get an exact value.  Given the range of products in the box, I was happy with this box. It would’ve been nice to get a cleaner to go with the konjac sponge and add value, since the sponge doesn’t sell for too much on its own. The sugar scrub and the coloring book were my favorite items.  You can use this box with the code MOM10 to save $10.00 on your 1st box.  If you subscribe for a year and use the coupon, you will pay $43.74/quarter.

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