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Calendar February 1, 2016 02/01/16 AuthorBy Subscription Box Mom Comments 0 Comments 0

Kids’ Candor January 2016 Bilingual Subscription Box Review + Half Off Coupon

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.  I received this box for review.

Kids' Candor January 2016 Bilingual Subscription Box Review

Kids' Candor January 2016 Bilingual Subscription Box Review

There is a new children's subscription box that is about bilingual language and child development, Kids' Candor.  You can buy one time boxes, or subscribe for $45.00/month.  Kid's Candor is designed for babies through age 4.  Kids' Candor includes everything in English and Spanish and each box contains music, crafts, toys and more, all geared around a child's complete development: (cognitive, physical, social and emotional, speech and language).

When you subscribe, you choose between several age categories: 0-6 months, 6-12 months, 1-2 years, 2-3 years, and 3 years and up.  I have a 3 year old and 6 year old, so I was sent the oldest box.  There are two different subscription plans, the full version $45.00/month and the essential box $25.00/month.  The full version comes with a CD, bilingual book, 20 activities cards, 2-3 toys, along with additional supporting materials.  The essential box includes everything mentions, but with only one supporting material, instead of several.

The Details:

Cost: $25.00/month

What's in the box?  The full version comes with a CD, bilingual book, 20 activities cards, 2-3 toys, along with additional supporting materials.  The essential box includes everything mentions, but with only one supporting material, instead of several.

Coupon: Use this link with the code KC50 to save 50% on your subscription.  You can use the code subscriptionboxmom to save 15% on any shop order.


Kids' Candor comes in a big white box and is addressed to your child.


First Look

Kids' Candor Mission

Kids' Candor sent a welcome letter about their mission and goals,  Every card in the box was written in English on one side and Spanish on the other.

children development

Each box includes activities to help foster development in physical, social/emotional, cognitive, and speech/language development.


Since this box includes several activities and learning opportunities, Kids' Candor recommends breaking up the box over several days.  This sheet also goes over other tips to maximize fun and learning by your child.


Depending on the age of your child, you will get a specific development sheet for your child. The box was addressed to my oldest (6 year old) but the card fit my youngest's development (almost 4).


This box was all about My Feelings.  This card broke down everything in the box, so it's easier to know what everything is.  For this review, I did this box with my 6 year old.

Kids' Candor Activity Cards

There were 20 activity card in the box, all focusing on emotions in some way.  I broke the cards down in sections and paired them with their appropriate activities.  The cards list what materials are needed for each activity, directions and key words.  The key words are important words for each activity and both the English and Spanish words are listed.


Activity Set #1: Understanding Feelings with the Melissa and Doug Face It! Sticker Pad.

The first set of activities used the sticker pad from Melissa and Doug. The pad has different scenes and many faces/emotions.  Each of the activities in this section were very similar.  Depending on the scene, Kids' Candor gave suggested questions to ask your child about how the people were feeling.


  • Let's Focus: Restaurant Time
  • Let's Focus Let's Go to the Movies
  • Let's Focus School
  • Discovering: Rock Band
  • Let's Focus Cheering Section


Melissa & Doug Reusable Sticker Pad – Face It!  This pad has 5 scenes and 150 stickers.  The stickers are reusable and are made of a slick plastic.  They are like the old Colorforms.


Here is a look ate all the stickers and scenes in the box.


Restaurant: My 6 year old had the best time with these scenes.  He thought it was hilarious to find the funniest faces and include them in the picture.  I am kinda digging the Mona Lisa look-a-like in the front row eating corn.


School: I am not sure what kind of school this is, but the class is full of diversity.  Dracula may be the class bully in this class.

Cheering Section

Cheering Section: This was my favorite scene.  I love the cast of characters.  My son said the guy in the top right is angry his team is loosing.


Activity Set #2: Understanding Feelings by crafting with paper plates, craft sticks and more.

The next 6 activities were focused on using the craft materials in the box.


  • Let's Play: Mouth Masks
  • Let's Play: Eye Masks
  • Let's Play: Mask Match and Mix Up
  • Discovering: Role Play!
  • Discovering: Role Play – Take 2
  • Discovering Free Play, Role Play


There was a huge stack of paper plates cut in half, craft sticks, a marker, glue stick and scissors.


Some of the activities use a mirror, so your child can draw different emotions.  This mirror is actually shiny, but I didn't peel the film off before I took the picture.


These faces are used with the Discovering activities in this group.  Your child can cut these out, stick to craft sticks and interact with them.


We worked on the “Let's Play” activities, which made masks.  Using the mirror, your child can make the mouth for different emotions.  L made masks for: scared, sad, angry and happy.


After the mouth masks were made, L made the matching eye masks to go with the face.  The craft sticks are applied to both sections.


This is one of the finished masks (anger). We mixed them up and then played a game with the rest of the family.  The goal was to see if they can guess the emotion on the card.


The finished masks (clockwise from the far right): scared, happy, angry, and sad.


We then worked on the Discovering activities, which used these faces.  The kit included patterned scissors to cute out the shapes.  It was a bit difficult to cut out all the faces, since the scissors were patterned and the cardstock was a bit thick.


These are the completed faces.  L did several role playing scenarios using the faces.


Activity Set #3: Understanding Feelings using the Kelly Book Bear Feelings.

There were five activities that used this fun little book.  It's about a bear and all his feelings.


  • Story Time: Happy and Angry
  • Story Time: Lonely and Excited
  • Story Time: Embarrassed, Sad and Proud
  • Story Time: Scared, Jealous, and Loved
  • Let's Play: Kelly Bear Feelings Game


Kelly Book Bear Feelings This book features Kelly Bear, who shares his feeling with your child, then asks your child questions.  It's a very cute interactive book.


Like the card, you child can read this in English or Spanish.

Kelly Bear Emotion Cards

To go with the book, there were Kelly Bear cards. Each card has a picture of Kelly Bear demonstrating an emotion, with the name of the emotion in English and Spanish.  I didn't take pictures of this activity, but our whole family got in on the fun.  We separated into teams, then took turns acting out the emotions.  This was a really fun game.


Activity Set #4: Understanding Feelings through music.

Kids' Candor included a CD with 12 songs about emotions, both in English and Spanish.


  • Singing and Dancing: Playing
  • Singing and Dancing: Sounds of Emotions
  • Singing and Dancing: Expressions
  • Singing and Dancing: Emotions


The CD is so cute!  The songs are written just for kids and my 3 year old loved it! We did the play activities that went with the activities and my 3 year old had a blast!


Final Thought: Kids' Candor is a phenomenal collection of bilingual and child development activities.  There were so many activities to do, the box really kept my children entertained!  I loved that I could introduce new Spanish words while my children played.  This box not only had activities for my children, but there were also games our whole family could enjoy.  If you want to check out Kids' Candor, use this link with the code KC50 to save 50% on your subscription.  You can use the code subscriptionboxmom to save 15% on any shop order.

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