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Calendar January 10, 2016 01/10/16 AuthorBy Subscription Box Mom Comments 1 Comment 1

Snakku December 2015 Review + Coupon

Disclosure: This box was received free for review.

Snakku December 2015 Review

Snakku December 2015 Review

Snakku is a Japanese snack subscription service that is very different from other boxes I have reviewed.  Snakku specializes in sending Japanese snacks that you can only get in Japan.  All the snacks come from local snack makers in Japan.  Boxes are $38.95/month and filled with 10-15 expert curated snacks.  If you upgrade to a 3 or 6 month subscription, you will get a free Traditional Japanese Furoshiki Wrapping Cloth.

The Details:

Cost: $38.95/month, $116.85/3 months, $225.00/ 6 months.

Coupon: Use the coupon SUBMOM to save 10% on your first box.

What's in the box?  Every box contains 10-15 expert curated Japanese snacks.

How do I cancel?  You can cancel using a special URL you are given at signup.


The box was shipped by Priority Mail.


My box was wrapped in a pretty Japanese Furoshiki Wrapping Cloth.004

First Look


The artwork on the information cards are so pretty.

information card

This month, the snacks themed around Winter in Japan.

Featured Snacks

Usagi Cream Daifuku

Usagi Cream Daifuku These are made to look like little snow rabbits.  They have the consistency of a dumpling, but it is sweet and filled with matcha green tea.  These were sweet and very good.


Yukizuri These are made to look like snow-covered tree branches.  They have flaky pastry layers with a thin amount of plum jelly in the middle.  The whole treat is covered in thick white icing.  These are so sweet and very tasty.

Tsuyahume-iri Senbei

Tsuyahume-iri Senbei These rice crackers have toasted rice in the middle and are made to look like snowflakes.  These were very sweet and crunchy.

Amaebi Age Mochi

Amaebi Age Mochi  These are a puffy rice cracker that is made with shrimp (the pink specks).  These were good, but I don't love the fishy smell.
-41C Below Freezing-41C Below Freezing These are crushed up almonds on one side and have white chocolate on the other side.

Popular Snacks


Ottoto: These are a favorite with my kids.  They are shaped like animals and veggies and are a hollow salty cracker.  They are also seasoned with a veggie taste.  My 6 year old tasted these first and loved them.  My 3 year old found them later and finished off the bag.

Hokkaido Manju

Hokkaido Manju This is a soft bread-like dessert filled with red bean paste.  This was sweeter than I thought and very rich in flavor.

Bourbon Chocoliere

Bourbon Chocoliere There are two cookies in each package.  The bottom is a cookie and the top is milk chocolate, so good.


Ramune Soda Candy: My 6 year old joined me in my video so he could try these.  These hard candies were sent in three flavors: fizzy, chilly and fruity.  The red package is fruity, light blue is fizzy and dark blue is chilly.  The fizzy was my favorite but L and I loved all of them.

Mini Rice Crackers

Mini Rice Crackers These are rice cracker shaped star puffs with a sweet coating.  These are both salty and a bit sweet.Salty Senbei

Salty Senbei These taste like the senbei I am most familiar with.  These are puffy and very salty.


Final Thought: This box was one of my favorites so far.  I really love the Tsuyahime-ir Senbei and teh -41C Below Freezing the most.  You can try Snakku with this link and use the code SUBMOM to save 10% on your first box..

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  1. Westly Smith, March 31, 2016:

    My daughter would love to get these little boxes. My wife gives her little Japanese candy all of the time and she loves it. I like the Snakku snack pack. I’m going to see if I can subscribe. Thanks for the post!

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