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All about monthly subscription box reviews.
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Calendar January 12, 2016 01/12/16 AuthorBy Subscription Box Mom Comments 0 Comments 0

Abuela Mami Cuban Subscription Box Review + Exclusive Coupon

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.  I received this box for review.

Abuela Mami Cuban Subscription Box Review

Abuela Mami Cuban Subscription Box Review

Abuela Mami is a Cuban subscription box that has two different subscription boxes: the surprise box and the coffee box.  The Surprise Box is $24.95/month and comes with 4-9 Cuban items like food, snacks, coffee, dried fruits, meats, kitchen tools, mugs, flags and other Cuban memorabilia.  The Coffee Box is $24.99/month and you can choose Cafe Bustelo or the Assorted Coffee brands box. Each coffee box, regardless of the type, contains 4 packages of coffee (40 oz).  I received the Surprise Box for review.

The Details:


  • Surprise Box $24.95/month
  • Coffee Box $24.99/month

What’s in the box?

  • The Surprise Box contains 4-9 Cuban items like food, snacks, coffee, dried fruits, meats, kitchen tools, mugs, flags and other Cuban memorabilia.
  • The Coffee Box: Each coffee box, regardless of the type, contains 4 packages of coffee (40 oz).

Coupon: Use the code SBMJAN16 to save 10%!

065Abuela Mami ships in a plain brown box.

This box was all about how to make Cuban coffee.


Everything came in a little bag.


Conchita Maria Cookies These cookies were sweet and the perfect companion to the coffee.  These cookies are quickly disappearing from my house. It was interesting to learn that they coat the cookies in oil before baking, to give the cookies a golden color and richer taste.

La Carreta Espresso Coffee In addition to coffee, La Carreta has many Cuban restaurants in Florida.  The coffee is already ground and there is a ton of coffee in the package!  The smell is incredible and my husband really enjoyed the taste.

Strawberry Candy These candies are a favorite of mine!  I used to get these at my favorite restaurant, so I have hidden these away  to enjoy later.

Cuban Coffee Espresso Maker

Cuban Coffee Espresso Maker Three cup coffee maker that makes traditional Cuban coffee.  Keep reading to see how it works!


The coffee pot comes apart in three parts.  Water goes in the base, then the filter is filled with coffee and placed on top.  Finally, the top is screwed on.  As the water heats up, the steam goes through the coffee and it brews out the top.  It’s a pretty cool thing to watch.

013Cuban Espresso Cup and Saucer If you are going to make espresso, best put it in an espresso cup!

How to use a Cuban Espresso Maker

“Voy a hacer café”

Note: There were not any instructions on how to use the coffee pot, so I went to YouTube and found a video.


Step 1: Fill the base with water, just under the valve.


Step 2: Fill the filter with coffee.  For a lighter brew, you can use a smaller amount of coffee.  For a more traditional Cuban coffee, fill the filter completely to the top.  My husband doesn’t like coffee too strong, so I didn’t fill it up to the top.


Step 3: Turn the burner on medium high heat and wait.  If you use a gas stove, take care not use let the handle get close the the flame.


Step 4: The coffee brews and will be in the top of the pot. You now have coffee!


The Taste: The coffee had low acidity, a full body and a good after taste.  The cookie was a nice complement to the coffee.  The only thing we added to the coffee, was some sugar.


Final Thought This was a great box.  I don’t drink coffee, but I had a blast making it on the stovetop.  To be really honest, this was the first time I ever made coffee!  Everything in the box went well together and my husband loved the coffee.  My one suggestion would be to include instructions in future boxes. If you love exploring new tastes and experiences, check out Abuela Mami.  You can use this link with my exclusive coupon SBMJAN16 to save 10%!

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