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Calendar January 23, 2016 01/23/16 AuthorBy Subscription Box Mom Comments 0 Comments 0

Candy German January 2016 Review – German Candy Box

Disclosure: This box was received free for review.

Candy German January 2016 Review

Candy German January 2016 Review

Candy German is â‚¬29.00/month, which is around $31.28 USD.  Each month, Mark and Natascha (the founders) pack the best tasting German treats in their boxes each month.  Of all the boxes I review monthly, Candy German is consistently amazing.

The Details:

Cost:  €29.00 Euros (Around $31.28).

What's in the box? Every box from Candy German you receive will be filled with quality candies picked by hand and made in Germany.  Each box will have 6-8 items.

When does the box ship?  The box ships the 15th of the month.  It may take up to 15 days to find the box.

How do I cancel?  You cancel with your account.

Website: https://candygerman.com


Candy German comes in a plain brown box and ships from Germany.


First Look


Griesson Keks Geknusper Schokolade or Karamell  These are crunchy caramel pieces with caramel chips inside.

Duplo White

Duplo White  This is a pack of 10 bars.  Each bar has hazelnut cream in the middle of wafers and surrounded by white chocolate.   I love that there were so many bars, because my husband loved them.

Yogurette Wintertraum Bratapfel & Zimt

Yogurette Wintertraum Bratapfel & Zimt  These milk chocolate bars are filled with an apple cinnamon yogurt.  The cream is more fruity than yogurt flavored.

Gletscher Eis

Gletscher Eis These are little blue candies that are sour, sweet and have a slight fresh taste.

Katjes Grün-Ohr Bärchen

Katjes Grün-Ohr Bärchen These gummies were the first to go.  These are a thick gummies that have little green ears.  Each green ear represents the treat being vegetarian and free from animal gluten.

Milka Nussin

Milka Nussini This chocolate bar is made with thick wafers, hazelnut cream and topped with bits of hazelnuts.  The whole bar is covered in chocolate.  The bar is crunchy and the hazelnuts made this bar fantastic.


Hanuta Haselnuss-Schnitte This is a bit like a chocolate s'more.  The cookie is made of chocolate wafer cookies with chocolate in the middle.  There are bits of nuts throughout for added flavor.

Wawi Schoko-Reis wölkchenleicht

Wawi Schoko-Reis wölkchenleicht This bar is made of puffed rice pieces surrounded by milk chocolate.  This almost tasted like chocolate covered cereal.


Final Thought: Candy German is one of the best treats and sweets subscription box on the market.  Every month is packed with delicious treats. My whole family battles (lovingly) on who gets what out of the box.  I loved this and most of the snacks are now gone!  You can try Candy German with this link and try all the great things Candy German sends every month.

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