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Calendar December 21, 2015 12/21/15 AuthorBy Subscription Box Mom Comments 0 Comments 0

Okashi Connection Ninja Box December 2015 Review + Coupon

Disclosure: This box was received free for review.

Okashi Connection Ninja Box December 2015 Review

Okashi Connection Ninja Box December 2015 Review

Okashi Connection is a Japanese snack box that ships worldwide starting at $14.00/month.   Each box is packed with about a pound of candy.

 Okashi Connection changed their boxes and now there are three boxes to choose from: The Ninja Box, The Samuri Box, and The Sumo Box.  The Ninja Box is the smallest box. The Samurai Box is the same size as the box that I have reviewed for several months and the The Sumo Box is much larger.  I was sent the Ninja Box for review, which is the smallest box.

The Details:

Cost & Plans:

  • The Ninja Box: $14.00/month 5-7 snacks in the box.
  • The Samuri Box: $22.00/month 9-13 snacks in the box.
  • The Sumo Box: $33.00/month 14-18 snacks in the box.

Shipping:  Shipping is FREE and they ship WORLDWIDE.  They don't ship to a few locations, click HERE to see a complete list.s.

When am I charged?   Your card will be charged on the 30th (or last day) of the month.

When does my box ship? Boxes will be shipped within the next week after being charged, and they should arrive at your door within 1-3 weeks after that. 

Website: http://okashiconnection.com/


The Ninja Box ships in a little red box with a ninja on the top.


The information booklet


The information booklet has pictures of everything in the box, along with icons to let you know what box each snack is in.


The back of the information card had pictures of everything in the Ninja box.

Chocobi Ramune

Chocobi Ramune These are individually wrapped  chocolate ramune stars. They are a bit chalky but they have a nice flavor.

Potato Fry

Potato Fry These are think crispy chips that taste like chicken raimen noodles.

Pokemon Pretzel

Pokemon Pretzel These are similar to Pocky.  They are a cookie stick with cookies and cream icing.

Koala No March

Koala No March:  Koala No March are little cookies with different pictures of koala's on each side.  The cookie has a crunchy shell with a cotton candy filling.

Juu-C Tablets

Juu-C Tablets These are crunchy white candy discs that taste like lemon-lime soda.

Bake Chocolate

Bake Chocolate  These are little soft brown bites with a crunchy shell.

Sour Paper Grape

Sour Paper Grape This tastes a bit like Air Heads Sour Belts.  They are sour, but covered in sweet sugar.


Final Thought: This was a fun box to review.  This is a great box if you don't need the large amount of snacks in the Samuri and Sumo box.  Okashi Connection is always consistently great, it's one of those boxes that I always enjoy unboxing.  If you want to Okashi Connection,  click HERE to subscribe and use the code Boxmom to get $1.00 off your box.

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