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All about monthly subscription box reviews.
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Calendar December 17, 2015 12/17/15 AuthorBy Subscription Box Mom Comments 0 Comments 0

Jade Canopy November 2015 Review – Gardening Subscription Box

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.  I received this box for review.

Jade Canopy November 2015 Review

Jade Canopy November 2015 Review

Jade Canopy is a gardening subscription box that is only $30.00/month.  Each month comes with seeds that are organic, heirloom, and non-GMO.  The actual items in the box vary from month to month, but you could also receive gardening tools and natural soaps.

The Details:

Cost: $30.00/month, $80.00/3 months, $160.00/6 months.

What’s in the box? Boxes vary from month to month, but some of the items you will get are seeds that are organic, heirloom, and non-GMO, gardening tools and natural soaps.


Jade Canopy ships in a pretty green box.  The front of the box had the phrase “Get Ready to Open.”


First Look. The theme for November is “Bedtime”.  This time of year is the time to prepare your plants for winter, so you are “putting your garden to bed”.

November Planting

November Planting: This sheet gave planting suggestions from Sept 30th to Nov 30th for different areas of the United States.

November Gardening To-Do List

November Gardening To-Do List Since it’s time to put your garden to bed, Jade Canopy gave a list of gardening to-do’s.


Information Sheet: Jade Canopy included a list of everything in the box.

Words of Wisdom: Every month you will et new words of wisdom.  This month, they advise you to mulch to regulate soil, keep your garden free from pests, and prevents erosion.


The Log Cabin Bird Feeder Kit and 2 Packs of Seeds

The Log Cabin Bird Feeder Kit and 2 Packs of Seeds:  You can assemble your own bird feeder and use the included bird feed to lure in the birds.


Tequila Sunrise Tulips

Tequila Sunrise Tulips: There were three tulip bulbs in the bag.  They should be planted in 5 ” of soil and in full sun or partial shade.



Ferry Morse Organic Lettuce:  This is 100% Organic lettuce.  I would love to grow this but my neighborhood doesn’t allow gardens.

Seeds of Change Colorful Beet Mix This are also organic.  I am going to find a way to grow these.  I love pickled beets.

Just For You

Rose Candle

Rose Candle: When the flowers are not blooming outside, you can light this candle and enjoy.

Grandma's Grime Away Pure Soap

Grandma’s Grime Away Pure Soap This helps clean your hands from an afternoon in the garden.  It can also remove odors like onion, garlic and fish.


Final Thought; This was a great box for gardeners.  If my grandmother was still here, I would buy this for her in a heartbeat.  This is the first subscription box for gardeners that I have found.  This is a well rounded box and I like that it included tips and tricks, along with supplies and tools to tend to your garden.  If you want to try Jade Canopy, use this link.

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