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Calendar December 7, 2015 12/07/15 AuthorBy Subscription Box Mom Comments 0 Comments 0

Ivy Kids November 2015 Review + Coupon

Disclosure: This box was received for review purposes.

Ivy Kids November 2015 Review

Ivy Kids November 2015 Review

Ivy Kids is a craft and activity box for 3-8 years olds.  Each box is  $39.95/month and is packed with fun learning activities, all made from a featured book.There are usually more than 10 activities in each box, each in their own little bag.  If you have more than one child, you can add-on a sibling pack for only $5.00.  Since I have two children, I was sent the regular box with the sibling pack for review.

Since a 3 and 8-year-old have different learning needs, Ivy Kids sends instructions for “Little Ivys” (3-5) and some for “Junior Ivys” (5-8).   There are also tips for parents to help facilitate more learning.  As a bonus, Ivy Kids includes a personalized item in every box.


Ivy Kids comes in a huge green box and ships by USPS.


First Look.  The sticker on the inside of the lid has an overview of everything in the box.


This month's book is “A Color of his Own” by Leo Lionni.  This book is about a chameleon finding his identity.


Each month there is a personalized item for your child.  If you get the sibling add on box, you get one for each child.


Wooden Chameleon There were two chameleons since this was the sibling add on pack.  Using the paints, your child can paint their own chameleon.

Chameleon Collage

Chameleon Collage (Bonus materials for siblings) Chameleons change colors due to their special skin cells. Your child can create their own chameleon with shiny skin cells.  There are also two fact cards so your child can learn all about chameleons.

Crystal Exploration

Crystal Exploration Your child can examine how light hits a crystal, just like light hits the crystals in a chameleons skin.

Catch a Match

Catch a Match Reinforcing number recognition, you child can use sticky chameleons to catch and number and the matching ladybug.  There are two chameleons, so two people can play together.


Letter Search There are slightly different chameleons for this game.  This activity works on common sight words and letter recognition.  Just use the toy to catch the letters in a word.  All the sight words included have been sight words for my son, so this is a great way to review.  I am going to use this concept to help teach his new sight words.


Lizards and Leaves Frame (Bonus materials for siblings)  Your child can create a fall themed frame with shiny chameleons to hang on your refrigerator.

Chameleon Friends

Chameleon Friends (Bonus materials for siblings) This activity is about teaching children a new art technique (water colors over oil pastels) and friendship.  While coloring and painting the chameleons, your child can discuss what they think a friend is.

Find Your Buddy

Find Your Buddy The featured game this month uses lizards instead of chameleons, and they have to travel around leaves going forward or backwards depending on the space.

Find the Chameleon

Find the Chameleon (Bonus materials for siblings)  There was actually two chameleon transparencies in the box, but one blended in and I didn't grab it for the picture.  You child can hide the chameleon all over the house and see if the other people can find it.

Camouflage the Chameleon

Camouflage the Chameleon (Bonus materials for siblings) Your child can color each card to help the chameleon hid.


Final Thought: I don't think there is any subscription box on the market with as many activities as Ivy Kids. If you struggle with finding things for your children to do, consider a subscription to Ivy Kids.  We have had crazy busy schedules lately, so we haven't had time to do this box yet, but it's being saved for Christmas break.  If you want to try Ivy Kids, click HERE and use the code IVY20 to get 20% off your subscription.  

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