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Calendar December 12, 2015 12/12/15 AuthorBy Subscription Box Mom Comments 0 Comments 0

GlobeIn December 2015 Review – Celebrate + Coupon

Disclosure: This box was received free for review.  This post contains affiliate links.


GlobeIn theme for December is “Celebrate”.  Since December is generally filled with different holiday parties, this is a great theme.Boxes are $35.00 month to month and filled with handmade items from all over the world.  I love the quality of the items in my GlobeIn boxes.  You also find out about where each item comes from and who made it. You can save 25% on your first box of a three-month subscription, just use the coupon SUBMOM.

GlobeIn has also has a Benefit Basket.   The Benefit Basket contains one crafted good from a remarkable, remote artisan, all in a colorful, handwoven basket from their weaving collective in Oaxaca, Mexico.  You will also get story of the artisan, their community, and how you are making an impact on their lives.  The Benefit Basket is $19.95/month or $56.95 for 3 months, but you can get $7.00 off your 1 box of a 3 month subscription with the code TRYBENEFIT.


GlobeIn ships in little square boxes by USPS.  The quote for this month is “Life should not only be lived, it should be celebrated” – Osho.


First Look.  The theme for December is “Celebrate”.  There is always a nice little booklet in the box that has information about all the products.


This is a look at how the book looks inside.

Hand-dyed Batik Table Runner by Della

Hand-dyed Batik Table Runner by Della (Ghana) $35.00  I love when I get items from my home that I can use year round.  To become a seamstress in Ghana, a woman has to be an apprentice for two years before looking for work.  Once they can look for a job, work is hard to find.  Della not only makes beautiful goods, but they pay a nice wage and they help their employees with educational opportunities.


Muslin Bag (Haiti)  The item below was tucked in this little muslin bag.  Do to political and world events, there are fewer exports from artisans in Hati.  The Haitian Design Co-op helped make this little bag possible.   The bag was handmade by a group of 8-10 women.  The Haitian Design Co-op helps manufacture and export artisan goods from Haiti.

Beaded Necklace by Tribe Alive

Beaded Necklace by Tribe Alive  (Honduras) $42.00  This necklace was made by one of 20 women in Santa Ana, Honduras.  Just working three weeks on these necklaces gave them several months of living expenses.  One of the featured artists is Ondina, who is older and has poor eyesight.  She was able to learn the craft and now can buy food for her family.


Here is a closeup of the necklace.

Organic Dark Chocolate Caramel Crunch with Sea Salt from Equal Exchange

Organic Dark Chocolate Caramel Crunch with Sea Salt from Equal Exchange  (Dominican Republic) $3.75 CONACADO is a co-op of farmers who grow cacao beans.  The beans are fermented in sunlight after they are harvested to maintain the best taste.  Some farmers like Ana Rodriguez grow their beans organically and without any harsh chemicals.  On to the actual bar, this is a really tasty bar.  The caramel and dark chocolate taste amazing together and the sea salt make the taste even better.

Upcycled Greeting Cards

Upcycled Greeting Cards (Malawi) $8.00 These cards are made from The Umoja Group, which is a group of refugees with disabilities who live at the Dzaleka Refugee Camp in Malawi.  10% of their income goes to building homes for other refugees in the camp. These cards are made with recycled handmade paper and repurposed African textiles.


I love how the envelope features the same textiles as the card.  The inside of the card is blank, so you can send the card for any occasion.


GlobeIn Signature Palm Leaf Basket (Oaxaca, Mexico) $12.00 Last month GlobeIn featured a new square base, lidless basket.  This month the old style basket with lid was back.  I actually prefer this style, as I use it to store small toys.  Each basket is hand-woven in Mexico.


Final Thought: This box had a total value of $100.75, a huge value.  I thought this box was very nicely curated and I especially love the table runner.  It would be a great accent to my table for those special occasions. You can save 25% on your first box of a three-month subscription, just use the coupon SUBMOM.

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