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Calendar November 30, 2015 11/30/15 AuthorBy Gigi C Comments 0 Comments 0

RawSpice Bar October Review + Coupon

Disclosure: This package was received free for review.  This post contains affiliate links.  

Guest Review Alert- Gigi!  I'm back again for a guest review of RawSpiceBar.  I like to cook homemade, healthy dinners a few times a week and I was excited to see this month's selection! October's menu featured spices from Malaysia.

RawSpice Bar October Review

RawSpice Bar October Review

RawSpiceBar is a spice subscription box and costs $6.00/month.  They source high-quality, whole spices.  Every month you get 3-4 premium blended spices and coordinating recipes, enough to make 3 separate dishes serving 8-12 people.  Each month spotlights a different region of the world.

The Details:

Cost: $6.00/month

What's in the box? Each month you receive 3-4 spice blends which are enough to create 3 separate dishes serving 8-12 people. Each spice blend weighs between 2-3 ounces.

Shipping: RawSpiceBar ships to the US and Canada.  Free shipping for both countries.

When does the box ship?  Subscriptions ship the first week of the month

RawSpiceBar comes in a little flat envelope and ships via USPS.  Inside is 3 different spice blends along with a large, folded glossy paper with an introduction to the spices and the coordinating recipes printed on the other 3 sides.

First Look: For October, RawSpiceBar teamed up with Caroline Artiss, a trained chef who specializes in Malaysian and Asian fusion and has quickly risen to fame through her quick, healthy and simple YouTube cooking videos.  Be sure to check her out at youtube.com/user/carolineartiss.

Malaysian cuisine has many influences including Spanish, English, Portuguese, Thai, and Chinese cultures, and yet it still remains distinctive.  It's a true melting pot of flavor.

The menu features recipes for Sambal Oelek, Kafir Lime Salad and Malaysian Curry Laksa.

Sambal Oelek Paste:  This is a blend of spicy ground chiles and is used all over Indonesia and Malaysia both as a condiment and to form the base of curry and rice dishes.  The recipe was pretty simple – just blend the spices with 3 tbsp rice vinegar, 1 tbsp salt and 3 garlic cloves in a food processor and store in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 2 weeks.  I would have liked an actual recipe including this mix (not just the mix itself since I'm not familiar with it and don't quite know what to do with it at this point).. You can, however, get cooking tips, photos & videos at RAWSPICEBAR.COM/OCTOBER-MALAYSIAN-SPICE.  rawspicebar.com/october-malaysian-spice.  I'm planning on mixing this in with some jasmine rice to give it a little kick.

Sambal Oelek recipe and spices

A close-up of the Sambal Oelek Spices

A close-up of the Sambal Oelek Spices

Kaffir Lime Salad: This recipe calls for mixing the spices with garlic, ginger, olive oil, lime juice and salt to make a salad dressing.  The veggies for the salad include blanched savoy cabbage, blanched green beans, blanched bean sprouts, cucumber and fresh herbs.  Basically mix these all together and drizzle with the dressing to make a nice, refreshing, crisp salad.

Kaffir Lime Salad recipe and spices

Close-up of the Kaffir Lime Spice Blend

Malaysian Curry Laksa:  Laksa is a dish consisting of rice noodles served in a curry sauce or hot soup.  This version incorporates the Malaysian Curry spices with chicken, prawns, tofu, shallots, green beans/cabbage and coconut milk (and a few other ingredients) and is served over rice or rice noodles.  It looks amazing and I can't wait to try this one!  It's kind of like a stir-fry, soup style.

Malaysian Curry Laksa recipe and spices

Close-up of the Curry Laksa spices

Final Thought: October's journey to Malaysia is refreshing and fun.  I'm anxious to try the different spices, especially the Curry Laksa, which sounds delicious.

As with previous months, it's great that RawSpiceBar gives you recipes that don't call for a lot of crazy stuff you wouldn't have on hand and everything seems pretty simple to make.  What a fun way to introduce new meals to your menus!  For $6.00/month it's definitely worth trying – you might find a new food you can't live without!  I also love the fact that RawSpiceBar introduces things that I wouldn't normally try or know anything about (like the Sambal Oelek Paste).  If you want to try RawSpiceBar, use this link to try this subscription. Coupon: Get a bonus month when you subscribe for 6 or 12 months.  Just use this link with the code MOM2015.  You will get a total of 7 or 14 months.  SPECIAL CYBER MONDAY DEAL: Use this link with the code msablackfriday to get your 1st box for $1.00 

I hope you enjoyed my guest review – stay tuned and hopefully Erin will let me review another one soon! :)

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