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Calendar November 4, 2015 11/04/15 AuthorBy Subscription Box Mom Comments 0 Comments 0

Munchpak October 2015 Review + Coupon Code

Disclosure: This box was received free for review.  This post contains affiliate links.

Munchpak October 2015 Review

Munchpak October 2015 Review

MunchPak is a snack subscription box that packs a huge amount of yummy snacks into their boxes.  Subscriptions start at $9.95/month and each box packs old favorites and new goodies.  When you sign up, you can select your favorite flavors to help make your box even better.  I received the original box for review.


Here are the flavors.  You can hit the + sign for flavors you like and the – sign for flavors you don't.

The Details:

Cost: Mini $9.95, Original $19.95, Family plan $39.95

Coupon:  If you want to try MunchPak, click HERE and use the code BOXMOM to take $3.00 off.

What's in the box?  Boxes are filled with a huge variety of delicious munchies from Australia, Sweden, Japan, United States, Canada, and many other countries from all over the world

When will I get my box?  You box will ship within about 48 hours after ordering.  You will then get a new box around the same time each month.

How many snacks will I get?  You will get 20-30 snacks.

Where do you ship?  USA and Canada

Website: www.munchpak.com


Munchpak ships in a fun looking box.  They don't include information cards in the box, but you can look up any snack in your box in their online store.


There was a card in the box letting me know the box was packed by Joe.


The back of the card lets you know how to use social media to win a box.

Slapps Green Apple Lollipops

Slapps Green Apple Lollipops These lollipops are thin green apple candy that is a cross between a sucker and a fruit roll up.  The lollipop is flexible and can be folded into a smaller shape.


Beans Family Garlic Green Peas Snack These crunchy peas are covered in a garlic coating.  These are tasty, but have a breath mint if you eat these around others.


Amsterdam! Good Cookies Stroopwafel

Amsterdam! Good Cookies Stroopwafel This waffle is filled with caramel.  For the best taste results, heat this over a cup of coffee and the center will be warm and gooey.

Creepy Gummi

Creepy Gummi:  This gummi bug tastes like black cherry and was creepy fun!

Coco Dance Bar “SOLEN”

Coco Dance Bar “SOLEN”  This is a chocolate covered coconut bar.

Matcha Pocky

Matcha Pocky This is the classic Pocky, only green tea flavored.

Crispy M & M's

Crispy M & M's  These are a cross between an M & M and a Nestle Crunch bar.

Swirly Fish

Swirly Fish: These gummi fish taste like orange cream and were one of my husband's favorite treats.

Barritas Fresa

Barritas Fresa:  This is a soft cookie (almost cake) that is filled with a strawberry gel/jelly.  This is fantastic!

Nongshim Potato Flavored Snack

Nongshim Potato Flavored Snack  This snack is from South Korea and is a light crunchy potato snack.  I thought it had a bit of a ramen noodle flavor.

Zapp's Cajun Dill Gator-Tators

Zapp's Cajun Dill Gator-Tators These are kettle cooked cajun chips that are also dill pickled flavored.  I don't eat dill pickles, but I thought these chips were fantastic.


 Final Thought: This box was very tasty and it has a nice selection of products.  There were 11 products in the box and there was a range of sweet and salty.  I loved the lollipops and and Zapps chips the most  If you want to try Munchpak, click HERE and use the code BOXMOM to take $3.00 off.

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