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Calendar November 27, 2015 11/27/15 AuthorBy Subscription Box Mom Comments 0 Comments 0

BOCANDY November 2015 Review + Black Friday Coupon

Disclosure: This box was received for review purposes. This post contains affiliate links.


Bocandy is a subscription service that features candy and snacks from all over the world.The regular Bocandy box is $15.00 month to month and is filled with 6 – 9 candies and snacks.  You can get half a box for $8.50 and it's filled with 3 – 4 candies and treats.

The Details:

Cost; $15.00/month to month.  Discounts for longer subscriptions.  Half Boxes are $8.50 month to month.

What's in the box.  Boxes are filled with 6-9 or 3-4 candies and snacks, depending on which plan you choose.

Shipping: Free.


Bocandy ships in a little box and comes by USPS.


First Look.  There is also an information sheet in the box, but mine was left out by mistake.

For a look at eat snack out of the package and to hear our taste impressions, check out the video at the end of this review.

Tunnock's Tea Cakes (Scotland)

Tunnock's Tea Cakes (Scotland) This is made of a Graham cracker base and has marshmallow above that.  The whole thing is surrounded by chocolate and it tastes like a s'more with extra marshmallows.

Waffi (bulgaria)

Waffi (Bulgaria) This was one of my favorite treats in the box.  It has waffers with peanuts and covered in chocolate.  It reminded me of a candy bar from the US, but I can't place what it is.

Pelon Pelo Rico (Mexico)

Pelon Pelo Rico (Mexico)  This is a fun treat for kids.  When you remove the cap, the top has little holes with the Tamarind jelly comes out.  This is a sweet and sour type of candy.

Cheesecake Kit Kat (Japan)

Cheesecake Kit Kat (Japan) These are pretty good candies if you like cheesecake.  They are actually even better if you put them in a toaster over.  It tried it and it was much better than right out of the package.

Gyxa Vanilla (Bulgaria)

Gyxa Vanilla (Bulgaria) This is yellow cake with marshmallow in the middle and surrounded by chocolate.

Fusen Gum (Japan)

Fusen Gum (Japan)  Each box has 3-4 gum balls.  The gum is really soft and fruity.

Mexican Corn Sucker

Mexican Corn Sucker  This sucker is covered in chili powder and is said to taste like strawberries.  I tried this out but all I could taste was the chili powder.

Flower Pastels (Japan)

Flower Pastels (Japan)  I have had these before and they are great tasting citrus/fruity hard candies.


Paleta:  This is thick marshmallows covered in chocolate.  The chocolate was a bit different from other milk chocolate, but it was still good.


Final Thought: BoCandy is a great subscription to get a variety of treats at a reasonable price.  Even if I don't like everything in the box, my husband and I always have fun trying everything.  There is a great Black Friday deal going on.  Use this link with the code CYBERSWEET to get 60% off your 1st box. You will pay $6.00 on your 1st box.

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