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Calendar October 21, 2015 10/21/15 AuthorBy Subscription Box Mom Comments 0 Comments 0

The BuckBin October 2015 Review + Coupon

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.  I received this box for review.

The BuckBin October 2015 Review

The BuckBin October 2015 Review

The BuckBin is a social subscription box that sends 6-8 items to help you be the hit of the party.  Boxes are $20.00 and I have a coupon at the end of the review.  Items included in the boxes could be koozies, beer bongs, and other items you didn't know you needed.  To add an additional disclaimer/advice, before enjoying this box, be sure you are 21 and drink responsibly.

The Details:

Cost: $20.00/month

Coupon: Use this link with the code OGBUCKER for 10% off your first box.

What's in the box? Each box contains 6-8 items to help you be the life of the party.


The BuckBin ships in a blue box with the BuckBin logo on top.


First Look


There was an information card with a message about this month's box along with a list of contents.  The theme for this month is “Oktobeerfest”.  Last month's box didn't include a list of items in the box, so I was glad to see one this month (although everything was pretty self-explanatory).

BuckBin Shirt

BuckBin Shirt: The shirt this month featured the BuckBin “Buck” holding two beers for Oktobeerfest.   The shirt itself is soft, but I wish there was a funny phrase on it instead.  This is the second month for a shirt, but both shirts are pretty promotional for the company.

Forget Hangovers

Forget Hangovers: These patches are applied before your drink, so you don't wake up feeling like you ate a cat and got your head slammed in a door.

Bottle Stein:

Bottle Stein:  This is pretty cool.  You apply this to the top of your beer bottle, and the bottle turns into a stein.


Boot: If you want to drink out of a boot, best make it made of plastic, instead of using an actual boot.

Ping Pong Balls

Ping Pong Balls: The BuckBin stated in their information card that they can't imagine not sending ping pong balls in a box, so I imagine these will be pretty regular in boxes.  The BuckBin suggested using this in Oktoberfest beer pong.


Bombs:  If you are new to bombs.  They are basically a shot that you drop in a beer or other drink, making a fun combination.  I have never been brave enough to try a bomb, but they are about every college party with alcohol.

Pocket-Sized Beer Bong

Pocket-Sized Beer Bong $7.09  This attaches to your beer, so you chug it like a real bong.


Final Thought: I only got the retail price of one item, so I didn't get a total value of the box.  This box isn't about getting a huge value for your money.  The BuckBin is a subscription that will send you fun items for your parties and get togethers.  This is a fun box for college students and young adults (just be responsible).   If you want to try this box, use this link with the code OGBUCKER to save 10% on your 1st box.

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