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Calendar October 29, 2015 10/29/15 AuthorBy Subscription Box Mom Comments 0 Comments 0

Koala Crate October 2015 Review + Free Box (2 DAYS ONLY)

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Koala Crate October 2015 Review

Koala Crate October 2015 Review

Koala Crate is a subscription for 3-4 year olds.  Boxes are $19.95 and filled with a fun magazine and crafts.  Koala Crate has a partnership with Highlights magazine, so there are fun articles and activities included in the box.  My 3-year-old gets Koala Crate and he loves that he can do crafts just like his older brother.  There are not many subscriptions that are appropriate for 3 year olds.


Koala Crate comes in a little yellow box.


First Look


Koala Crate comes with a little magazine Imagine!  Imagine is a mini Highlights Magazine, full of stories, poems and activities.


Here is an example of one of the articles in the magazine.


The theme for October is “Starry Night” and features projects around the stars and space.


There is a page overview, that tells you the skills your child will learn, the messiness scale and the level of grownup involvement.


Meteor Toss: Your child makes a foam meteor then throws it in the target rings, or can play a game of catch with it.  This rates low on the messiness scale and medium on parental involvement.


Koala Crate included a piece of silk fabric, ribbon, a foam ball and paper to make the targets.


This is the finished project.  There were two targets and a meteor.


T had fun throwing the meteor and trying to make it in the circle.

Glowing Moon

Glowing Moon: Your child will make a moon, that is complete with craters, that glows in the dark.  There is also a little stand it hands on.  This rates high on the messiness scale and high on parental involvement.


Here is a look at everything in the box.


The first step was to mold the clay around the clear ornament.



Using the wooden bead, your child creates craters in the moon.


Here is the finished moon.  This makes a nice little nightlight for your child's room.  T ripped the base apart, so I had to tape it back together.


Moon Makers Book: This cute little book features Kellan, Ella, and Peter (Koala Crate characters) and they all talk about how they love the moon but when the moon comes out, that means it's time to go home.  The friends decide to make the glowing moon craft from this box.


For the book, your child can apply the glow glue to the moon.


Tyler had fun with the glue.


Final Thought: This was a fun box and I had a great time talking about Astronomy to T.  The activities were fun and easy for T to complete.   Koala Crate is a fun and exciting subscription for little ones.  Right now Koala Crate has a fantastic deal.  You can get your first box Free, just use this link to try Koala Crate, Kiwi Crate, Tinker Crate and Doodle Crate, just pay $4.95 shipping. You will get a FULL box, not a sample trial. You will be automatically enrolled in a monthly subscription at a price of $19.95 (shipping included) and can cancel at any time. The 1st month is free except for $4.95 shipping. One free trial per brand per household. THIS DEAL ENDS OCTOBER 31ST. 2015

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Kiwi Crate also has a deal if you subscribe to multiple subscriptions from Kiwi Crate, you can earn up to $50.00 in credit (which can be used toward subscriptions or store purchases).  When you subscribe to two or more crate, use this link with the code EARNMORE.

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