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All about monthly subscription box reviews.
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Calendar October 11, 2015 10/11/15 AuthorBy Subscription Box Mom Comments 0 Comments 0

KitNipBox October 2015 Review + Coupon

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.  I received this box for review.

KitNipBox October 2015 Review

KitNipBox October 2015 Review

KitNipBox is a subscription box just for cats. Every month, sends the best toys, treats, and goodies for only $19.00/month.  Each month, KitNipBox also donates a portion of their profits to charity.

The Details:

Cost: The Happy Cat (4 or more items) $19.00 and the Multi Cat (6 or more items) $29.00.

Coupon:  Click HERE and use the coupon BoxMom15 to save 15% on your first box,

What's in the box? Depending on the box you get, you will get an assortment of goodies, just for your cat.

When will I get my box? Your first box will be shipped on the first of the month (August 1 if you order before the end of July. Please allow 6-10 business days for delivery, once your KitNipBox has shipped.

When am I billed? You will be billed when your KitNipBox ships on the 1st of every month. When you first sign up, your credit card will not be charged until they mail your first KitNipBox.

How do I cancel? Email them at meow@kitnipbox.com with your account details (full name, e-mail address, and shipping address), and request a cancellation. Please note that you must cancel by the 15th of the month to avoid receiving a shipment for the following month. Any additional feedback you could share on why you chose to cancel would be appreciated tremendously!

Website: Kitnipbox.com


Everything comes in a little brown box, with the KitNipBox logo on the front.


First Look

"San Francisco Meowlloween"

The theme for this month was “San Francisco Meowlloween”,


The back of the information card has a list of everything in the box.

Notso Kitty 3D Glasses

Notso Kitty 3D Glasses $10.00 Okay, when I saw these, I had to laugh.  While these are adorable, there is no way I can get Oliver to wear these.  I did try, and Oliver instantly shook them off.

Handmade Vermont Organic Catnip Bat

Handmade Vermont Organic Catnip Bat  This felt bat is filled with catnip and was Oliver's favorite item in the box.  It grab the toy before it was even out of the package.


Oliver and his new toy.

MultiPet Feather Wildlife

MultiPet Feather Wildlife  This rooster is filled with catnip and had feathers for added fun.  Oliver hasn't grabbed this yet.

Knight Pet Spider Toy with Catnip

Knight Pet Spider Toy with Catnip $8.62  This spider also has catnip and an elastic string to hold.  The bell makes this even more fun for kitty.  The kids really enjoyed playing with this with the cat.  This was another favorite from the box.


Having fun!

Bench & Field Holistic Natural Feline Cat Treats

Bench & Field Holistic Natural Feline Cat Treats $5.33  These all natural treats contains Omega 6:3, along with other vitamins and minerals.


Wellness Divine Duos With Chicken Pate & Diced Turkey $1.64 This cat food combines chicken pate with turkey bits in gravy.  While it sounds tasty for a cat, Oliver's sensitive tummy won't let him switch cat food brands.  This will go to one of our other furry friends.


Final Thought: This box had a total value of $25.59, and that doesn't include the rooster or the bat, which I couldn't find prices for.  This was a fun box and the only item we won't use is the small container of cat food.  KitNipBox is a great box for cats!  You can try KitNipBox and save 15% on your first box when you click HERE and use the coupon BoxMom15.

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