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Calendar October 7, 2015 10/07/15 AuthorBy Subscription Box Mom Comments 0 Comments 0

Junior Explorers Mission Yellowstone Review + Half Off Coupon

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.  I received this box for review

Junior Explorers Mission Yellowstone Review

Junior Explorers Mission Yellowstone Review

My son loves Junior Explorers, so he has to go to the new mission the day the box arrives.  

 When you sign up with Junior Explorers, you will receive a Welcome Kit.  Once you have your welcome kit, you will go on various missions.  I have reviewed several missions and you can check them out here.

Junior Explorers is a subscription service for children 6-11.  Boxes are $19.00/month (plus $2.00 shipping) and each month, your child gets a new online mission, along with a packet of goodies.  The goal of Junior Explorers, is to teach kids about the environment and animals, all while keeping things fun.


All the physical materials were mailed in a little cardboard box, with this month's location on top.


This month, Junior Explorers is traveling to Yellowstone National Park.  This book is filled with cartoons, games, information about the location.


There is a mission checklist to go over, before you go to the online mission.  To access the online mission, you log into your Junior Explorers account and enter the code given in this book.


Kia and Kyle are the two kids that go with your child on missions.  A cartoon is included to talk about this month's mission.  Due to hunting wolves were practically eliminated from Yellowstone.  They have been reintroduced and they have noticed an increase in willows (plants).  The job of the Junior Explorers is to find the connection between wolves and willows.


6 collectible trading cards were included to teach your child about some of the animals your child will see during the mission.


A map of Yellowstone was included.  They also listed common animals you will see there.


The ecosystem changed when wolves left, this diagram explains what happened.


There was a fun game in the back of the book, along with some other activities.  There is a spinner you attach to the spinner section to play.


When you child is done with the complete mission, there is a certificate to fill out and give to your child.


A wristband with little buffalo was included in the box.  The bead adjusts the size.


Each box comes with little rubber animals, this month was buffalo.



When you log into your online account, you can pick your own avatar, then select Mission Yellowstone.


This is a look at Kia and Kyle.  The online mission is very interactive.  There are pop ups, games and other activities to keep your child interested.


Junior Explorers gave an introduction to wolves.

Games:  I am not going step by step through the whole mission, but I wanted to highlight some of the games.

horse trail

Horse Trail:  This is an exiting game where you steer a horse around obstacles.  This was really fun and even I got to play.


Chop a Log:  As logs fly through the air, you click to chop them in half.

Raven Strikes Basics:

Raven Strikes Basics:  Enemy birds are trying to steal the raven's eggs!  This game lets you throw stones at the enemy birds to get them to go away!


As you travel through the game, your progress is tracked on the map.


After much work, we solved the mission.

mission notes

The mission notes section of the game lets your child review everything learned.


When you are done, your child can give back to real charities.


There is a firework celebration!


You are then given a certificate!


Next mission is MISSION HALLOWEEN!


Final Thought: L was really excited to do this month's online mission.  He can do the whole game himself (with some small reading help from me).  There is a coupon to save 50% on your first box and at only $19.00/month, you can try Junior Explorers for only $9.50!  Just Use this link with the code VOICE50 to save 50% on your first box.

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